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Elite athletes and skilled specialists from teams and organizations like these. All trademarks and logos are intellectual property and owned by the respective organizations listed, not NeuroTracker.

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The most widely validated cognitive technology trusted by the world’s most elite athletes, military, & health professionals to increase brain performance.

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What Do People Say About NeuroTracker?

If you're going to lift a weight with your arm in the gym, why wouldn't you go work your brain out with your eyes? It keeps me sharp.

tom wilson

Stanley Cup Champion, Washington Capitals

I feel increased focus and processing speed everyday. It's so super simple yet extremely powerful. As a male in my mid 60's I believe the future expansion of processing speed of my brain is limitless.

daryl snyder

NeuroTracker helps my clients train attention, focus, concentration, peripheral awareness, in a very fun noninvasive and adaptive way, because it adjust to their own ability.

carole leduc

D.O. Osteopath

We had hockey players off the ice of or 5 or 6 months, with no return to play timeline. In 5 weeks they were able to return to play, it's amazing.

dr. michael matter

President of Geneva Medical Doctor Association

NeuroTracker strengthens our brains so we can focus on complex markets. It prevents fatigue when looking at multiple screens and most of all it helps to reduce risk which always leads to better profits. As a global leader in the financial industry, we won’t trade without it.

Sean kozak

President, NeuroStreet Trading Academy

The ultimate goal is to help kids learn. Just 20 minutes a week and we saw improvement in attention of between 6-10%. This is significant.

armando bertone

Ph.D. Perceptual Neuroscience Laboratory for Autism & Development

Applying NeuroTracker for training in NBA, NFL, MLS, and MLB athletes we made great strides.

dr. keith smithson, o.d.

North Virginia Doctors of Optometry

NeuroTracker meets the decision-making demand and through repetition with it, you get better. We use it in all of our testing.

dr. don teig, faao

The A-Team, High Performance Vision Associates

NeuroTracker is powerful in the classroom and teachers are seeing the differences of how students are more focused, more calm, and more receptive to learning.

domenico tullo

Doctoral Student, Perceptual Neuroscience Laboratory for Autism & Development

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NeuroTrackerX has been established as a valuable tool in measuring and enhancing the efficiency of neural networks that govern major brain functions: working memory, attention, executive function and processing speed.

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NeuroTracker is leading the way in cognitive technology, with a scientifically validated training system that is transforming elite organizations worldwide.

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Professor Jocelyn Faubert
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Based on 20 Years of
Science and Research

Professor Faubert is reputed to be the world’s preeminent neuroscientist in the field of visual perception. Professor Faubert has developed the science behind NeuroTracker through decades of research at the Faubert Lab (University of Montreal).

This science is continuously evolving through numerous independent research projects around the globe. These are some of the peer reviewed studies published to date.

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NeuroTracker Partners

We proudly collaborate with a select group of innovative partners who share our passion for cognitive improvement. Their wide range of expertise helps apply the technology in cutting-edge ways, shaping the future of brain training. Join us to unlock your full potential!

Dr. Richard Hoctin-Boes, O.D


eYe4vision is a neuro-optometric company and specializes in screening, profiling and training visual and cognitive skills. eye4Vision focuses on 4 target groups: Sports, Learning and Work related (Burn-out, children with reading and learning problems), Tactical and Health (people with cognitive, neurological disorders like a TIA, Concussion, ADHD, Whiplash; WAD etc.).

Pedro Gormaz

International Center Sports Mental Coaching

International Center Sports Mental Coaching aims to enhance athletes' mental performance. Using a unique methodology, they train the brain to focus under pressure, make quick decisions, and perform at its peak. They lead the Road to the Olympics project, training Ukrainian and Greek athletes.

dr. sammy oh

Breakthrough ADHD Center

Breakthrough ADHD Center is close-knit team of caring and multidisciplinary ADHD experts. Led by Dr. Sammy Oh, the center specializes in applying a holistic range of combined therapies customized to the needs of patients based on comprehensive assessments. This has included 300,000+ scans assessing the brain-body connection on thousands of clients.

Eric Tobon

Centre de développement PAC

Centre de développement PAC provides personalized cognitive training solutions to improve the learning and performance abilities of students and employees, in both school and professional environments.

Pritam Kumar


Pukhya is a leading importer, supplier, and distributor of quality healthcare medical equipment in India, specializing in computer-aided cognitive rehabilitation, neuro and biofeedback, physiology, ergonomics, psychology products, yoga research, and sports medicine.

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Elite athletes and skilled specialists from teams and organizations like these. All trademarks and logos are intellectual property and owned by the respective organizations listed, not NeuroTracker.