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Professor Faubert on the Science Behind NeuroTracker

February 20, 2018

We recently covered Professor Jocelyn Faubert’s part 1 interview where he introduced the fundamentals of what NeuroTracker is all about.  To find out why it works and what the effects are from elite athletes to elderly people, he now peels back the science.

Though NeuroTracker is now widely available for personal use, Professor Faubert’s development of the technology grew out of multi-million dollar virtual CAVEs over decades of research.  Now with over 40 published studies and ongoing research around the globe, NeuroTracker science is leading the field in cognitive enhancement. In this part 2, Professor Faubert provides an easily digestible overview of why 3D multiple object tracking can deliver major gains in human performance.

To learn more about NeuroTracker science you can read this blog to find out why Dr. Bach of the Platypus Institute stated:

“…the studies are absolutely rock solid…(Professor Faubert) can take elite athletes, people who look at fast moving targets for a living, retrain their brain because of neuroplasticity, so that…their cognitive function allows them to see things more quickly.  And that translates into a 15% improvement in passing efficiency. Now in professional sports where a 2% or 3% edge can make the difference, that’s an extraordinary finding.  I’m excited about this. This work basically teaches us…that you can train even the world’s best visual brains to become better, and that translates directly to into performance improvements.”

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