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Professor Faubert Introduces the Concepts of NeuroTracker

February 15, 2018

Professor Jocelyn Faubert is the mastermind behind NeuroTracker.  As the ‘world’s most preeminent expert in the field of visual perception’, he has worked on the neuroscience underpinning NeuroTracker for over 20 years.  Described by the New York Times as “an evergreen optimist with charismatic energy” with the ability to “distill expansive concepts into digestible bites”, he’s known to sum up NeuroTracker as “the gymnastics of the brain”. In a way that is surprisingly unusual for a neuroscientist, Professor Faubert makes the complexity of the brain understandable.

The NeuroTracker team had the pleasure of being invited to his office at the Faubert Lab for a video interview.  Here Professor Faubert brings us back to basics on “the fundamental principles of how the brain works”.

Here is the follow-up to this interview video, which covers the scientific evidence for transfer of NeuroTracker training to different fields of human performance.

Professor Faubert on the Science Behind NeuroTracker

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