The #1 scientifically-validated cognitive technology trusted by the world’s most elite athletes, military, & health professionals to increase brain performance.

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“We spend a lot of time working on our bodies, it’s equally important to have your mind operating on a high level. That’s key as a quarterback, to be able to see things and how they relate to each other really quickly, I think that’s exactly what NeuroTracker helps you do. I use it all year-round.”
-Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons
The New York Times


As featured in

“If you’re going to lift a weight with your arm
in the gym, why wouldn’t you go work your brain out with your eyes? It keeps me sharp.”

-Tom Wilson, Washington Capitals
Sports Illustrated


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This is your path to improvement

When used consistently for just 6-minutes a day NeuroTrackerX heightens human performance, increase mental awareness and resilience in the face of adversity. The program hones in on the brains core functions and trains them much like any other muscle in your body.

Executive Function

Focuses in on your functionality in organizing, planning, and prioritizing.

Peripheral Vision

Sense motion by being able to see objects at wide angles without turning your head.

Visual Info. Processing

Process and analyze accurately what is being seen and storing it in visual memory for later use.

Working Memory

Improve performance on reasoning tasks and reading comprehension, as well as functioning through your day.

*Elite athletes and skilled specialists from teams and organizations like these. All trademarks and logos are intellectual property and owned by the respective organizations listed, not NeuroTracker.*

The All New


The world's most scientifically-validated Cognitive Training System

NeuroTrackerX is a cognitive training program designed to improve mental performance
and enhance attention, executive function, working memory, and processing speed.


3D Training Environment

Our brain uses 3D vision to understand the world around us every day. The 3D component of the software provides a unique training advantage for improving cognitive systems.


Wide Field
of View

NeuroTrackerX trains peripheral vision systems across the wide 3D virtual environment. Efficient and rapid processing of peripheral visual information is what separates elite performers from the rest.


Adaptive To Your Individual Threshold

The NeuroTrackerX software is continually adapting to find your optimal training load - always challenging enough to keep you “in the zone” and optimize learning benefits.


Multiple Object Tracking (MOT)

By following multiple targets at one time, your brain is working hard to prioritize what’s important while filtering out distractions. Multiple object tracking allows your brain to effectively manage multiple streams of information at once.

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Based on 20 Years of Science & Research

Professor Faubert is reputed to be the world’s preeminent neuroscientist in the field of visual perception. Professor Faubert has developed the science behind NeuroTracker through decades of research at the Faubert Lab (University of Montreal).

This science is continuously evolving through research projects around the globe, many of which are supported through the Faubert Lab. These are some of the peer reviewed studies published to date.

Our achievements

NeuroTrackerX has been established as a valuable tool in measuring and enhancing the efficiency of neural networks that govern major brain functions: situational awareness, attention, execuitve function and cognitive stamina.


Published Research Papers


On Going Research Papers


Issued Patents and Patents Pending

Born out of the Faubert Lab

NeuroTrackerX evolved out of a pure science approach through years of research at the Faubert Lab, at the University of Montreal. Designed to uniquely measure and enhance high-level cognitive function, it has become established as a valuable research tool for understanding human performance. The Faubert Lab supports an increasing number of NeuroTrackerX research projects across a variety of scientific disciplines.

To date, published studies have discovered important neuroscience findings in the following areas:


NeuroTrackerX provides objective cognitive metrics on brain functions fundamental to human performance, and also relevant in cognitive conditions. High-level mental processing Is required to perform NeuroTrackerX at increasing speed thresholds.

These measures have been found to differentiate elite performers from amateurs, reveal characteristics of brain development with age, identify impairment with healthy aging or learning related disorders, and possibly to help to detect functional - related brain damage, such as with concussions, and reveal non - contact sports injury risks.


Neurotracker is a simple training exercise to do and requires virtually no prior experience, technique, or practice to perform the task itself. It can be done in as little as 6 minutes each day, so it can easily fit within the schedule of peoples’ lives. Performing Neurotracker at speed thresholds evokes powerful responses in brain activity, becoming a valuable reference and stimulant of neuroplasticity.

Superior Neurotracker learning rates have been found to be a defining characteristic of elite athletes and performers. It has also been found to be strong in improving cognitive conditions as they diminish with time and age.


Neurotracker has been found to be extremely effective in terms of real world transfer and application. It has been shown to reveal significant improvements with different populations across many high level cognitive abilities, such as executive function and working memory. These are known to be critical for mental performance and a wide range of other cognitive related conditions.

** NeuroTracker is used in various medical research and is currently undergoing regulatory approval processes. Until such approval is complete, NeuroTracker is not intended to be substituted for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.**

Are you ready to you excel in your field?

Used by elite athletes and military to heighten human performance, by clinicians to improve the cognitive abilities of patients, and by students to boost learning. See how people just like you are gaining the competitive edge in their field.


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What sets NeuroTrackerX apart?

Multiple peer reviewed studies demonstrate that NeuroTrackerX engages and improves a range of high-level cognitive functions, including executive function, working memory, attention, processing speed and response control.

This has been demonstrated with many populations across high-functioning to low functioning individuals. As such it provides a valuable scientific measure of fundamental cognitive capacities in situations when cognitive abilities become sub-optimal.

Accessibilty of

NeuroTrackerX is available to anyone with a valid license, allowing for flexible training at home or on-location, with training data shared across platforms.

Pre-created Training Programs

NeuroTrackerX includes the ability to assign unique training programs, which tailors the difficulty of the training and progression path depending on your objectives.

Custom Program

If you are an expert in NeuroTracker training, you will also be able to generate your own custom programs tailored to your users. This includes access to a dual-task library and questionnaires.

Augmented Data

NeuroTrackerX comes with improved data analytics, allowing you to gain deeper insights into user and organization statistics.

Enhanced User

NeuroTrackerX comes complete with a revamped user interface for both trainers and end users.


On the trainer dashboard you will have access to real-time training data and the ability to manage your user base.

Improved Session Performance

NeuroTrackerX now runs on a gaming engine, improving the performance to make sessions smoother and more stable.


NeuroTrackerX is capable of running in anaglyph 3D, Active 3D and 2D, allowing you to train on a wide range of displays.



Cognitive training is the new frontier for athletic performance. By building upon conventional training approaches of physical and tactical, we are empowering athletes to be both physically and mentally ready to perform.

Built for athletes to thrive in the moment

The athletic brain is an efficient brain. Whether it is a last minute game winner or a breakout performance, training athletes to enhance their ability to thrive in the moment is the difference bertween good and great. Our cognitive training system is built to frame the brain of a champion.

Effectively increasing processing speed in decision making

Individuals who excel in this ability allow themselves more time to make a positive play and avoid costly mistakes. Deciphering this information, giving it meaning and value, and executing a course of action in milliseconds.  These are key brain performance factors, whether it is striking or attack avoidance in mixed martial arts or boxing.

The difference between Good and Great

Good players have the physical attributes to compete and contribute to the team. Great players differentiate themselves by their hard work, dedication, and mental training. They are also able to mentally process a wealth of information in just fractions of a second so that they can make quick decisions under immense pressure.

Helping athletes around the world go from good to great. Will you be next?


A wide range of wellness therapy practices are adopting digital therapeutics to increase the efficacy, benefits, and engagement of their own pharmacological products.

A Necessity for rehabilitation

Individuals are actively taking steps to improve physical health, through diet and exercise, but don’t have an avenue to improve their mind. NeuroTrackerX is that avenue to rehab the mind even while the body is recovering.

fighting mental decline

Completing a training program with NeuroTrackerX, older participants have typically shown to be able to perform at the same level as young adults in their mental prime with just 90 minutes of training. This means that NeuroTrackerX may not only reverse some of the effects of aging, but may even be able to allow a participant to feel they are reclaiming part of the mental agility of their youth!


To avoid issues stemming from cognitive decline (memory, sharpness, etc) the NeuroTrackerX training system focuses in on enhancing the neuroplasticity of your brain, sharpening your mind. A sharper mind helps put the brain in a position to fight mental decline.

For those willing to go as far as it takes to become their best, are you ready?


NeuroTrackerX is tapping into the direct mechanisms that are helping students strengthen the cognitive functions that improve their attention, focus, and receptivenss to learning.


Attention is known to be the central challenge for students with learning difficulties. Research shows that NeuroTracker excels in enhancing the attentional skills students need to improve academic outcomes and develop a growth mindset for learning.


Shorter attention spans are impacting academic results and classroom behavior. Just 90 minutes of NeuroTracker training has been demonstrated to enhance high-level cognitive abilities, with robust gains in sustained attention for extended mental focus.


NeuroTrackerX has been demonstrated to help with better academic outcomes and extends to students with learning difficulties, utilizing the tech to hone their attention in the classroom and allow for the ability to create a better learning environment.

Shaping the minds of the future generations in as little as 6 minutes a day.



NeuroTrackerX is leading the way in helping military organizations, general and special forces looking to improve war fighter training. Our cognitive enhancement training equips combat personnel with the necessary motor skills and functions to be be more effective in critical conditions.

Fighting the fog of war

This ‘fog of war’ represents a clear and direct need for training methods which increase a war fighter’s mental resilience and robustness, in order to remain functionally effective when mission performance is at it’s most critical.

Increasing cognitve operations

Cognitive overload, and many battlefield errors (friendly fire incidents, collateral damage) have been linked to a Decline In Cognitive Operations.

Transform military performance

Trains working memory, attention and executive functionsall of which are critical for maintaining situational awareness and executing effective decision-making capabilities in environments of high stress and pressure.

For those willing to push the limits and go as far as it takes to protect and serve.


NeuroTracker is helping give gamers the competitive edge by strengthening their cognitive functions that help them perform and react faster when it matters.

The cognitive training program for elite gamers

Video games are highly dynamic and competitive environments. With no standardized way to train performance outside of practicing the game itself, NeuroTracker provides the training at only 6 minutes a day.

Increased Processing speed and decision making

Gamers have to react on superhuman timescales; just a tenth of a second delay and it's game over. Most games are geared towards presenting multiple outcomes for every action, with each decision concatenating outcomes exponentially.

Increased Motor-skill and Reaction Times

For fast-paced games like first-person shooters, the skills to manipulate a mouse have to be honed to within fractions of an inch.  Even keystrokes have to be hit precisely, and often in combination.

For those willing to go as far as it takes to become their best, are you ready?


NeuroTrackerX is helping improve the cognitive functions within pilots for greater performance and effectiveness while reducing the chances of pilot error, mistakes, and inadequate decision making,

Managing the extreme demands of a pilot

Learning how to a fly a jet is extremely demanding.  Not only does a high degree of skill need to be matched with an enormous amount of information processing from the aircraft’s dashboard, these have to be managed under high physical stresses.

Scientifically validated training program

Pilots train on the system daily to enhance the mental systems and cognitive load capacity needed for live flight training, as well as for helping to manage the demands of a condensed learning curriculum.

No Room for error

Becoming a pilot of any kind takes hundreds of hours of training to achieve proficiency and comes at a very high cost to the future pilot. Training your brain with Neurotracker gives you the competitive edge.

Partner with us to build the next generation of great aviators.
Traders & Business


In business, those with the best cognitive stamina, focus, and effective decision making succeed while minimizing costs.


Our training protocol translates to an increase in the ability to multitask and the ability to make fast decisions under high-pressure environments. This is especially important in fast markets when analyzing trades and managing risk.

Increased focus means increased output

Lack of focus can hinder work performance, costing money for you and your clients. Cognitive performance varies from day to day, due to sleep, emotional state, etc. Our training system increases processing & comprehending complex information, especially fast markets

Evaluating best fit talent for your startup

Trying to source the best talent for your startup? Now you have the means to do so. By being able to evaluate future talent for your business you can better understand the cognitive capabilities to process information, complete tasks in a timely manner, and be an effective team member to your organization.

Organizations just like yours are already thinking for the future, will you?

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