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NeuroTracker is Frontlining the Digital Health Revolution

October 29, 2019

As we covered in a recent blog, the Digital Revolution has transformed practically every modern industry, with one major exception. Healthcare. This is about to change, and the tour de force in the revolution of healthcare is coming from new partnerships between the health and tech industries, with NeuroTracker playing a frontline role. Here we will look at the exploding initiative called G4A, and see how it is leveraging both scientific and commercial collaborations across these two industries, to usher in a new era of digital healthcare that will change all our lives.

The Health Industry Challenge

On the one hand there are endless waves of emerging technology innovations promising to enhance the efficiency of traditional treatments, making them more personalized and precise.  This covers everything from wearable gadgets to embedded sensors, mobile health apps and AI or robotic care. Being able to efficiently collect health data at a personal level, to perform sophisticated assessments and evaluations, is the reason why all the major tech companies like Google, Amazon and Apple are investing heavily into AI driven digital therapeutics.

On the other hand, the huge healthcare and pharmaceutical industries that dominate the health space today, are in great need of expertise to navigate the rapidly emerging and complex digital space.  And yet without the expertise of big players in the traditional health industry, tech companies generally lack patient care know-how, as well as how to succeed with complex and expensive regulatory approval processes, like the FDA in the US and the EMA in Europe.

This escalating division between these major industries is the reason why healthcare has largely been stuck in the pre-digital age.

Forging New Digital Health Solutions

Out of the need to solve this deadlock the G4A was born. In their own words, ‘‘G4A is a global team of intra and entrepreneurs with presence in 35 countries enabling positive disruption in the digital health and care industry.’’

To achieve their mission they actively promote cross-industry commercial partnerships, provide healthcare technology funding, and setup mentorship programs to share expertise. Bayer, one of the largest players in big pharma, has committed to G4A in a big way. Earlier this year, in a bid to drive their healthcare services into the digital domain, they ran a G4A competition to invite emerging health-tech companies to partner with them. Around 800 companies participated, with just 11 finalists being awarded partnerships, each receiving 50-100K Euros initial funding.

NeuroTracker, a member of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance, was proud to be among the winners. As part of the celebrations, NeuroTracker was recently invited to present at the G4A partner signing-day at the Bayer headquarters in Berlin.

Being the only company to be selected for oncology, the neurotechnology used widely in human performance, will now be applied with scientific expertise to help improve outcomes for cancer patients around the globe. NeuroTracker’s Head of Strategic Partnerships, underlined the research drive behind the collaboration,

‘‘With our deep scientific capabilities, we will be able to ensure scientific rigor in how neuroscience can be applied in innovative ways for oncological care.  We expect that this NeuroTracker partnership with Bayer will lead to many more collaborations with global leaders in the health industry.’’

The Coming Digital Health Revolution

G4A, along with forward-thinking companies like Bayer and NeuroTracker, are leading the way as industry role models, bringing health solutions of the future, to the people of today. As Founder and Chief Science Office of NeuroTracker, Professor Faubert said,

‘We are extremely enthusiastic about this opportunity to apply NeuroTracker in the medical space with such a major health company. We hope that the scientific approach to the partnership will provide a role model for the fast-growing digital health industry.’’

For this reason, NeuroTracker is also actively engaging in other major partnerships in the health industry. This includes an integrated cognitive and pharmacological treatment for depression, a condition which affects the lives of over 300 million people worldwide. It is hoped that on-going research will reveal improved long-term outcomes, as well as reduce the side-effect risks associated with conventional drug-based therapies.

This synergy between tech and health industries is promising to be a paradigm-changer for our medical wellbeing, on a scale like the transition from horses to cars. Jonathan Anderson, CEO of NeuroTracker and it’s parent company Nothing Artificial, explained,

‘‘The results of ground-breaking collaborations like our G4A partnership will be transformative, making healthcare safer, cheaper, more accessible, and more effective. This is a really exciting place to be right now.’’

Keep your eye on this space as we bring you updates on how the partnership progresses through 2020. And if you’d like to learn more about the broader topic, then check out our previous blog .

The Rise of Digital Health

To find out more about the G4A partnership  competition with Bayer, read the official press release here.

Bayer inks deals with eleven startups under G4A Digital Health Partnerships program

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