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7 Pro Athletes Give Their 2 Cents on NeuroTracker

April 30, 2018

Here we get insights from high performers in football, ice hockey, hockey, rugby, golf, taekwondo, and Formula 1, about their experiences with NeuroTracker. Though NeuroTracker has been used for years by top teams in the NFL, NHL, EPL, NBA and rugby, most clubs like their athletes and coaches to keep training practices close to their chests. In a previous blog we heard from 5 top sports coaches, in this follow-up, it's 7 pro athletes who are giving their 2 cents on what NeuroTracker means to them.

1. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons

Record breaking MVP quarterback Matt Ryan is an icon in the modern NFL game. In 2015 the Falcons player came to the NeuroTracker headquarters in Montreal to collaborate on an advanced version of NeuroTracker. This led to a tactical awareness mode which he used to help train his situational awareness and decision-making skills.

“We spend a lot of time working on our bodies, it’s equally important to have your mind operating on a high level. That’s key as a quarterback, to be able to see things and how they relate to each other really quickly, I think that’s exactly what NeuroTracker helps you do. I use it all year-round.”

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2. Joshua Dobbs

Former Tennessee standout and quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Josh Dobbs does advanced cognitive training at IMG Academy.

“Your brain is really what separates you. Tracking balls as distractions are coming at you…is very similar to the Quarter Back position. It’s all about training your mind to read, react quickly, to get the edge up on the competition”

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3. Florian Cazenave

A leading scrum-half in French Top 14 Rugby, Florian Cazenave tragically lost an eye, and with a ruling by the French Federation of Rugby (FFR) that he would not be allowed to continue to play. With the determination of a true athlete, he looked for solutions and took up intensive NeuroTracker training and transitioned to Italy where he was allowed play in Rugby Reggio, Serie A. 3 years later the FFR changed their ruling to allow him back into French Top 14 Rugby, with Cazenave joining Brive.

“I attribute the recuperation of my sports vision to NeuroTracker. The system also doubled my ability to concentrate on any exercise, allowing me to achieve better scores and remain precise, even when fatigue has set in.”

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4. Romain Grosjean

After taking his place as a top driver for the Haas F1 Team, Romain Grosjean undertook advanced cognitive training programs with Neurovision Consultancy under Dr. Matter. Though there are other F1 teams using NeuroTracker, Romain is the first person to share his experience on what the training means to performance on the track.

“My environment first began to slow down, which allows me to better understand every detail around me, even at 300km/h in a Formula 1. Then my field of vision widened, it now helps me to take into account many more parameters than before. I can better anticipate and apprehend each element that constitutes the landscape without even realizing its existence. This can be decisive when starting the Grand Prix.

Today I am progressing more and more and that pushes me to go further because each new sensation makes me more powerful and more alert. This protocol really improved my performance and safety.”

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5. Aaron Cook

Aaron Cook is world class Taekwondo athlete who has worked for many years with veteran NeuroTracker coach Mick Clegg, performing lots of intensive dual-task training programs. Since his partnership with Mick, Aaron has earned a slew of gold medals on the international stage.

“Taekwondo is a very fast sport so you have to be totally aware, a single lapse and it could be game over. NeuroTracker is simply a vital tool for me now. It's helped me see things quicker, process information faster and sustain my attention for longer, and this is what gives me the edge over my rivals”.

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6. Declan Farmer

Two-time Paralympian gold medalist in the PyeongChang and Sochi Winter Olympic Games, Declan Farmer is an outstanding forward player in sled hockey. Playing the sport competitively since 2007, Decland sought to raise his game mentally in the seasons leading up to the 2018 games.

“The NeuroTracker has greatly improved the mental and visual aspects of my game. The 3-D tracking system specifically benefitted my peripheral vision and reaction time. I have seen a noticeable difference in those skills over the past two seasons using the NeuroTracker.”

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7. Matt Fast

Matt Fast is a golfer who turned pro in 2009 and has achieved 5 top ten finishes in the PGA. In a 2017 interview with the New York Times, Matt emphasized the role of NeuroTracker training for increasing mental focus.

“Everything would be blacked out except for what your eyes were looking at. The times that I’ve putted the best were when I was using it. I totally believe in it.”

As NeuroTracker adoption in elite sports goes from strength to strength, we expect to hear more from the people who use it to raise their game to the next level. If you’re interested in what coaches and sports leaders have to say, also check out the first article in this 2 part blog.

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