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Blog: Can NeuroTracker Help You Become a Better Business Leader?

November 18, 2015

All big organizations consist of some team work, headed by a director or top manager to accomplish their missions, goals, vision and objectives of their organizations. Teams exist in all types of organizations from factories, financial institutions, retail, transportation, healthcare organizations, and educational institutions. However, executives often fail to sustain high performance of their own leadership teams. NeuroTracker training can actually help executives or any office worker to channel their mental focus, visual stimulus, concentration and awareness in the right direction to obtain good results for their respective teams and on their respective projects. The consistency of your performance depends on the types of methods used to leverage your stamina and endurance levels during a long working day.

How NeuroTracker Training Works For You?

NeuroTracker is an invention in neuroscience geared towards boosting visual performance of senior managers, CEOs and executives by improving their attention span in a competitive environment. Initially developed by Dr. Faubert at the Visual Psychophysics & Perception Lab at the University of Montreal, NeuroTracker uses 3D several object trails to separate and educate cognitive skills. (3D-MOT) also known as ’three-dimensional multiple object tracking’ is an invisible-cognitive educating system based on a 3D virtual environment.

In a first study of its kind to examine the effects of 3D-MOT training on attention, working memory, and visual information processing speed as well as using functional brain, twenty university-aged students were divided into a training (NT) and nonactive control (CON) group. Cognitive functions were tested using neuropsychological tests. Additionally, associated brain functions were measured through quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG). Results showed that 10 sessions of 3D-MOT training can boost attention, sharpen visual information speed, and working memory, instantaneously.

Furthermore, when the participant is not working, there is a long term effect on the neuroelectric brain function which continues to work on the cognitive processes long after. Therefore, for example whereby an executive or manager who has to sustain himself/herself through a complex project would benefit greatly from this type of training if done regularly for 3-5 minutes at a time. Even the shortest of time spent on the 3D-MOT does have remarkable effects on the cognitive elements of the brain.

This exercise enables them to push their visionary multi-tracking skills to beyond the limit and shut out any negativity that might blur their decision making skills.

Cognitive enhancement works both in the short-term and in the long-term and studies have shown the results for any office worker are huge and long term. Professional people, especially at the CEO level, can minimize the deleterious effects of sudden decisions in a dangerous working environment like construction, multitasking and age too. Meaning that as you get older the benefits of using this system will cushion the effect of any long-term harmful effects to the brain.

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