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Announcing NeuroTrackerX!

November 12, 2020

After many years of development, we are proud to be announcing the full launch of a whole now evolution in our product platform - NeuroTrackerX! This new software upgrade gives both new and old NeuroTracker users many new features and abilities to further enhance their experience and accelerate their path to improvement. Here we’ll cover the expanded training options, the personal use version of NeuroTrackerX called CTS90, the exciting unveiling of our NeuroTracker Academy learning platform, as well as how we’ve added lots of brand new features for business use. We hope you're as excited as we are!

What Can NeuroTracker Do for Me?

If you are new to NeuroTracker, the core training involves donning our custom 3D glasses and performing 6-minute sessions of 3D Multiple Object Tracking. Essentially you are repeatedly challenged to target, track and identify highlighted balls moving dynamically in a 3D virtual environment. The number of balls and the speed of the exercise adapts based on your skill level and progress, with NeuroTracker's patented scientific algorithms always keeping you right in the hot zone of optimal learning.

With as little as 20 minutes a week of NeuroTracker's 'bite size' training sessions, research shows you can expect sustained improvement in your high-level cognitive skills like executive functions, attention and processing speed. These improve your mental focus, concentration, and decision-making abilities. From children with learning challenges and active agers, to world class athletes and fighter pilots, this training transfers to real-world performance that can benefit practically anyone's life. You can take a quick look at exercise in action here.

NeuroTracker is the most widely scientifically-validated cognitive training program, with over 40 peer reviewed studies and 20 years of research behind it. While it is widely used by elite professional athletes and teams, F1 racing teams, and military pilots and NASA, its benefits expand far wider than this scope to all types of users. So, if you want to gain a mental edge and take your performance to the next level, NeuroTracker is the most validated and evidence based way to do it.

Some of our other groups of users include.

  • Elderly people to improve daily quality of life and wellbeing
  • Individuals seeking to return to peak shape after physical of cognitive injury
  • Financial traders to quicken decision making and perform risk assessments
  • Students to to enhance learning potential at home and in the classroom

NeuroTrackerX Personal - the Next Level in Personal Training

We’ve developed a number sessions types so specific cognitive benefits can be targeted for your particular needs.

  • Core: Classic progressive training mode for learning
  • Stamina: Maximize attentiveness over long periods of time
  • Selective: Target selective attention within a task
  • Overload: Maintain focus at higher speeds
  • Dynamic: Help decision making in unpredictable situations with varying speed
  • Sustain: Challenges users to keep focus and attention over longer periods of time
  • Distribute: Trains the ability to process several information streams at once

Perhaps most importantly, we've made big strides if you want to train anytime from the comfort of your own home. This is delivered through the brand new NeuroTrackerX Personal platform, specialized for home use. With it comes improved accessibility of training across remote and onsite training platforms, and a number of the same functionalities and features offered with the advanced NeuroTrackerX platform for professionals and businesses.

For example athletes can now hone their skills on their own schedule, as opposed to going to a registered or licensed trainer for sessions. It is also a great solution for anyone looking to overcome the ongoing challenges of COVID-19 lockdowns.

If like us you want to celebrate this new way to train from home, check below for details of our one-time launch promotion.

NeuroTracker Academy: Our Online Learning Platform

NeuroTrackerX launched alongside NeuroTracker Academy, an online learning platform that covers related scientific research and partnerships with lab and industry leaders. The Base and Advanced Certification courses provide comprehensive education on the following.

  • The science and concepts of the technology
  • The real-world benefits of training and assessment
  • Practical advice on how to develop custom training protocols
  • Guidance for professionals to achieve the best results for their clients

With it, you gain access to a wealth of resources, courses, and specialized application modules that will enable users and trainers alike to gain a deeper understanding of the science and technology. You can also expect upcoming courses on topics like technology integration and neuro-physical training.

Powerful New Features for Professional Users

In addition to these new training sessions, we’ve also facilitated many features for professional and business use. After completing the Base Certification, the NeuroTrackerX Advanced Certification system includes access to a custom program builder, which allows clinicians, coaches and trainers to build tailored protocols that can be applied to suit the needs of their clients, whether it be for sports, learning difficulties or more.

This also includes the ability to design and run custom session types outside of the protocol progression and be combined with dual tasks. For example, you can take a look here to see a combination of weightlifting and NeuroTracker training in order to maximize performance and focus during specific sports and activities.

“What I love about NeuroTrackerX is that I can build scalable custom training protocols for specific performance needs”            
- Mike Santaguida, Goalie Hacks


No matter who you are or what your goal is, NeuroTrackerX has a way to fast track your path to cognitive performance and wellness. As a recap, you can now access:-

  • New advanced ways to train
  • At-home training CTS90
  • NeuroTracker Academy certification
  • Lots and lots of cool features for professionals

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