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Built upon 20 years of neuroscience research, NeuroTracker is a patented system that uses 3D multiple-object tracking to improve the efficiency of your brain. When used consistently for just 6 minutes a day, the technology heightens human performance, awareness and mental resilience.

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Special Promo: until Sep.30th, we’re offering our loyal and long-time customers an introductory discounted package PLUS a free personalized 30-minute training and onboarding. Talk to our NeuroTracker Specialist now!

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Athletic performance consultant

Provide rapid on-site Baseline assessments for sports teams.

Provide a profiling report and recommendations for training programs.

Clinical Therapist

Invite clients to come in-center for a low-cost wellness check-up and assess how they are managing through COVID. Reengage clients in need of intervention and introduce them to NeuroTrackerX telehealth services.

School Sports Administrator

Establish Return-to-Play reference Baselines for all contact sport student athletes. Assign NeuroTracker rehabilitation and monitoring assessments from the point of injury, through to full recovery.

Scientific Researcher

Assign pre- and post- NeuroTracker assessments to active and passive control group participants to isolate and measure the cognitive effects of an intervention.