02. Experts Corner

Achieving Corporate Wellness Through Neurotechnologies

July 8, 2021

Neurotechnologies are tools that measure and enhance our cognitive abilities. In recent years their sophistication and effectiveness has increased dramatically, often backed by serious research evidence. This has led to them to be widely adopted in human performance domains like professional sports and elite military performance. But should the benefits be kept to such exclusive groups? The answer is a clear no! As the managing director at Mind Mastery Wellness I see the huge value that neurotech solutions bring to our everyday working lives, particularly for improving corporate wellness. Here I’ll share why this vision is so important, and how we have developed services that get the most out of the synergistic use of multiple neurotechnologies.

The Challenges of the 21st Century Workplace

It’s been estimated that around 56% of Americans work at medium to large size companies. Employees today typically interact in large teams and their roles crossover with many other personnel in a company. This means most people’s work involves relatively complex social networking.  Particularly in the digital age of the 21st century, people’s careers likewise involve a lot of different roles, multitasking, and high demands for information processing.

In addition, larger size companies are typically becoming much more dynamic in terms of how they evolve to rapidly changing marketplaces – competition is fiercer than it has ever been! Accordingly, employees have to be increasingly flexible and adaptive in order to thrive, and the risk of burnout has become officially recognized as a very real threat in the modern workplace. With the remote work challenges of COVID that are new for most employees, this has never been truer. The pandemic will also likely have lasting effects in terms of how most organizations restructure their practices post-COVID.

Why Career Wellness is so Important

According to the Center for American PROGRESS on the topic of work and family life balance of Americans, the US is the most overworked nation in the world. Partly this has been driven by the pervasiveness of digital communications and smartphones reaching outside of the office, with US employees averaging 6 hours of work per weekend.

The key point is that our career activities take up a large chunk of our everyday lives. If performing at work is overtaxing or stressful, it can have major repercussions in both our daily and long term wellbeing. This is why our goal at Mind Mastery Wellness is to help people rise to the demands of their jobs, rather than succumb to them. When we unlock the ability to operate at a higher capacity, not only are our work goals achieved more calmly and effortlessly, but the experience is more enjoyable.

The Cognitive Dimension of Corporate Wellness

Put simply, we believe the key to corporate wellness is utilizing the latest neurotechnologies to assess and enhance people’s cognitive abilities. To help our clients rise to the challenges of any work situation, our approach integrates high-touch coaching experience from our expert trainers with cutting-edge transformational neurotechnologies.

The first step is to understand the mental strengths and weakness of an individual, in relation to the demands of their job. There are now many exceptional cognitive assessments products that have been validated through research. Once we identify a person’s cognitive growth opportunities, we design custom training programs out of our expanding toolbox of neurotechnologies. At a more granular level, we also customize the how each technology is applied to the needs of the individual.

Here are some of the key technologies that we currently use.

NeuroTracker - a highly effective tool for enhancing high-level cognitive functions, including attention, executive function, working memory and processing speed.

Vizual Edge - easily accessible vision training for anyone, through an interactive online platform.

Mind Alive – for improving health, mental functioning, sleep, mood, and cognition.

NeurOptimal - Neurofeedback conditioning to help with focus, sleep, stress, anxiety and performance enhancement.

CogniFit – specific cognitive exercises to precisely measure and train cognitive skills.

Senaptec – for enhancing sensory systems and information processing speeds.

Ryzer – neuropsychological assessment for evaluating 12 essential performance traits in comparison with physical metrics.

Halo Sport – neuroelectric stimulation to increase neuroplasticity and accelerate learning in the motor cortex.

HeartMath – sophisticated heartrate biofeedback correlated with mental state to improve self-awareness and wellbeing.

Dynavision - to evaluate and train perceptual-cognitive motor function reactions and peripheral visual awareness.

Mastering the World of Neurotechnology

The biggest part of the service we provide at Mind Mastery Wellness is developing the know-how of not just how to get the most out of each neurotechnology, but how to combine their use in ways which deliver the optimum edge for each person.

For example, if work or even personal related stress is a primary factor in reducing wellness, Neurofeedback becomes a frontline technology. This is because most people generally aren’t self-aware when it comes to what influences their emotional state on a moment-to-moment basis. It makes it really difficult for anyone to solve underlying causes of stress, unless they can readily perceive the psychological, social, or environmental triggers.

With Neurofeedback we can efficiently train-up these crucial self-awareness skills, which opens up the opportunity to immediately start using self-regulation techniques to minimize or simply avoid stress responses. Then we can move onto training-up cognitive abilities with much greater benefits. The human brain has a staggering amount of potential when we can tap into it through mental conditioning techniques. For example, when applying optimal training methodologies, there is evidence that actual brain neuroplasticity is enhanced, creating increased learning capacities and cognitive flexibility. So the aim is not to give a man a fish, but to teach him how to fish!

When our core cognitive skillsets like executive functions, working memory, attention and processing speed are improved, then we simply become much more better at in key work abilities like mental focus, information processing, self-control, and effective decision-making. These are essential mental skills that affect all areas of our daily performance.

Thriving in a 21st Career

Not surprisingly then, the actual outcomes our clients report from our coaching programs typically include increases their concentration, emotional control, and an overall gain their mental prowess. In turn this improves their sense of job competence, work efficiency, and most importantly, their self-worth and career satisfaction.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has created many challenges and even tragedies in the businesses world, as well as personal life outside of work – everyone has been impacted. These uncertain times have only made our mission more important, and the services we provide more critical to helping people move forward. Neurotechnologies are still very much in an emergent phase, but they already yield tremendous value when it comes to corporate performance and wellness. For 21st century careers they are now rising to the forefront, as tools that not just allow us to work better, but to be better and thrive.

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