7 Top Experts Corner Blogs of 2018

January 8, 2019

With the adoption of NeuroTracker by specialists in over 700 centers worldwide, there are many human performance experts who contribute their knowledge to our blog. This includes domains like professional sports, military, industry training, wellness and education. Here the NeuroTracker team has picked a selection of 7 favorite Experts Corner blogs to highlight from 2018.

1. Mastering Performance the Ronaldo Way

Strength and conditioning coach for Manchester United for 11 years, Mick Clegg coached soccer legend Christiano Ronaldo on a daily basis for half a decade. This oversaw his meteoric rise from a young hopeful to FIFA’s player of the year.

However it was to be what Mick learned from his insights into Ronaldo’s steamrolling success that unlocked some fundamental principles for training elite performance at the very highest levels.

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2. 8 Traits of High-Performing Students

Renown education strategist Dwayne Matthews is a visionary who wants to evolve learning in the 21st century. In this article he pinpoints 8 key traits that contribute to student excellence – independence, curiosity, optimism, persistence, personal growth, resilience, e-literacy and trained cognitive abilities.

These traits all involve some aspect of personal development. When we think about educational success we often think first of schools and colleges. However, it could be more useful to consider what actually makes great students, just like the way we think about what makes great athletes.

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3. How the Brain Reveals Human Potential

Deemed the world’s preeminent researcher in perceptual-cognitive science, and the very man behind NeuroTracker itself, Professor Faubert reveals new ways in which brain functions vary between different populations.

With the advantage of working with elite athletes across a range of professional team sports, Professor Faubert discovered that, when it comes to processing abstract dynamic scenes, sports stars have greatly superior learning abilities than amateur athletes and university students. This opens up the potential to profile learning capacities in other high performance domains like law enforcement and military special forces.

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4. 5 Sports Performance Leaders Talk NeuroTracker

In this combined blog 5 experts who use NeuroTracker hands-on, each give their personal take on how the technology can be used to enhance human performance. The experts include Mick Clegg, Leonard Zaichkowsky, Donald Teig, Kate Allgood, and Keith Smithson.

From evidence of transfer to NHL performance and surpassing neurophysical performance limits, to training high-speed decision-making and situational awareness, these experts reveal the broad spectrum of ways that professionals utilize perceptual-cognitive training.

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5. Why NeuroTracker Differs to ‘Brain Trainers’

CEO of NeuroTracker Jonathan Anderson has founded and helped build several multi-million dollar companies in the health industries. This gives him a strategic perspective on both the hype and skepticism over the brain training market.

In this article he provides insights as to why cognitive training should not be lumped all together. He does so through a head-to-head comparison of NeuroTracker with conventional brain training products, showing that both the science and efficacy behind products can vary dramatically.  Leading the way forward is the Digital Therapeutics Alliance, whose role is to clearly distinguish companies with evidence based technologies, from those without.

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6. Jet Pilot Training Leads to New Industry Solutions

Scott Kozak is Managing Director of the Faubert Applied Research Centre (ARC), a non-profit research center dedicated to developing and validating new NeuroTracker applications to address unmet needs in human cognition, learning, and performance.

In this blog he reviews a ground-breaking study involving jet pilots performing NeuroTracker in live flight. For the first time the results demonstrated that a pilot’s spare cognitive capacity can be rapidly saturated during complex flight maneuvers, and that such effects are greater in live flight compared to simulated flight. This presents great interest for customizing training loads to an individuals needs in order to accelerate training programs.

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7. Understanding the Whole Experience of Football

Finishing like we started, like Mike Clegg, Kevin George is a UK expert in the development of soccer professionals. A former pro player in the EPL turned human behavior specialist, he has written a book called Soccology to help people in the industry understand the psychological side of sports success.

In this blog George reveals the pressures of competing in soccer and the challenges of adapting to club culture. Using role models like Alex Ferguson he teases out the subtle factors that go into great leadership, as well as the performance traits of truly great players.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed some of the Expert Corner blogs from the past year and look forward to more in 2019. If you are interested in contributing, please get touch at

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