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6 Experts Reveal 6 Different Ways to Apply NeuroTracker

June 24, 2022

One of the things that makes NeuroTracker unique is the diversity of ways in which it is applied across the whole human performance and wellness spectrum. In our Experts Corner, professionals and thought leaders in different fields regularly volunteer articles to share best practices and reveal new ways to apply this neurotechnology. Here are 6 of our favorite expert's blogs of 2022 so far - enjoy!

Neurofeedback and NeuroTracker – an Ideal Synergy

Brendan Parsons is the protégé of NeuroTracker inventor Professor Faubert. As a scientist with deep expertise in Neurofeedback paired with extensive experience as a clinical practitioner, he is an individual at the forefront of his field. In this in-depth blog Brendan shares the research journey that lead to the world's first 'closed-loop' NeuroTracker training directly integrated with EEG. This scientifically validated approach dramatically increased the efficiency of training, opening up new ways to combine Neurofeedback with functional cognitive training.

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Boosting Off-the-Block Reactions in Swimming – Cognitively!

Taylor Snowden is a PhD student at the University of Victoria whose research focuses on using NeuroTracker to assess perceptual-cognitive capacities. Here she shares the insights on a fascinating study to see if visual attention training can lead to far transfer effects on auditory attention. To put this to the test she focused on measuring off-the-block dive reactions of elite swimmers using the latest measurement technologies. The results are quire remarkable!

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Sports Vision Training Isn’t Just for Athletes

Richard Hoctin Boes O.D. is an experienced sports vision specialist from the Netherlands and the director of eye4vision Neuro Optometry centers. Through his centers he has worked extensively with NeuroTracker with great success across a plethora of different populations. In this blog he lays out the concepts why sports vision training can benefit almost anybody with the right kind of customized training.

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The Secrets to Dominating in Your Sport Part 1 – Execution

Pedro Gormaz is a National Coach of the Royal Spanish Taekwondo Federation and an International Coach under the World Taekwondo Federation. As an experienced high-performance coach, he is also director of the International Mental Coaching Center based in Madrid. In this first part of a 6-part series on how to excel in sports, Pedro highlights how crucial mental skills like anticipation, decision-making and execution need to come together to reach peak performance.

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Why F1 eSports is Transforming Athletic Potential

Julien Southon is a specialist in visual, cognitive and motor performance based on his expertise in biology, human movement and psychology. Here Julien takes us down the rabbit hole into the emerging phenomenon of F1 eSports and why these cyber athletes train just as seriously as real F1 drivers. In particular, he shares insights on how he helped one of the newest teams in the field achieve remarkable success through neurovisual assessments and training.

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Can Children with Severe Cognitive Challenges Perform Cognitive Training?

Catherine Archambault is a PhD candidate in Applied Child Psychology at McGill University in Montreal. Her research specializes in cognitive and academic functioning, and neurodevelopmental disorders. Here Catherine gives an overview of the latest research with NeuroTracker investigating if children with extremely low IQ are capable of performing cognitive training, using NeuroTracker as the benchmark. The results are surprising and will hopefully lead to inclusion of cognitive enhancement programs for students who can benefit from them the most.

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