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5 Types of Exercise that Boost Neurogenesis

June 9, 2021

The human brain works just as mysteriously as the universe. As with medical science generally, much of the human brain works remains unidentified. The medical world is still, even now, trying to figure out the many ways in which neurons function in the brain. One of the key discoveries in modern neuroscience is that the brain can grow new neurons, known as neurogenesis. This growth of new cells is variable, but there are many ways you can stimulate the brain to produce neurons, and exercise is known as a key way to boost way to neurogenesis. Here we reveal 5 types of physical activities that are great for developing your grey matter.

1. Brain Exercises

If there is a need to boost the number of new brain cells, there is hardly any better way of doing it than exercising the brain directly. Working out is just not confined to the body or physical health, there is lots of evidence that both physical and mental activity aids cognitive health and overall wellbeing.

One of the most potent advantages of intensive brain activity, is that it can stimulate the birth and growth of new cells in the brain. Brain exercises do not always have to include solving complex mathematical problems, remembering chemical formulas, or solving crossword puzzles from crosswordanswers911.net. For example, social interactions are highly demanding from a cognitive perspective. In fact, being socially active actually is one of the strongest predictors of long lifespans. Here are some of the key traits of brain exercises that produce the most benefits.

1. Mentally stimulating – for example, competing in any kind game with a friend.

2. Challenging – achieving something expected to be difficult.

3. Novelty – involving new experiences.

4. Creativity – using imagination and problem solving.

2. Cycling

Psychologists and anthropologists say that the evolutionary origins of a cyclist's brain go back over a million years. When humans transformed from a sedentary ape-lifestyle, the ancestors began to be involved in physically demanding and mentally complex activities. For instance, chasing prey and avoiding threats in the wild.

Cycling is a surprisingly complex activity, which is perhaps why it takes a while to master, but is something you never forget how to do. It stimulates the human brain through perceptual processing and motor coordination demands. Distance cycling or mountain biking is also a great way to discover and experience new places or environments.

Cycling can improve fat hormone levels, known as leptin. Leptin indicates a high amount of energy in the body and helps increase endorphins. It can also boost the number of neurons in the brain and initiate healthy brain cell growth.

3. Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic activity is a powerful way to condition your cardiovascular health. But more recently, medical science is also beginning to see significance in its brain health benefits. Many patients suffering from anxiety, depression, or mental health conditions can practice this form of workout to boost wellness. Aerobics can include lots of different kinds of exercises such as stretching, jumping, sprinting, or just running. These interesting forms of activities help in producing new neurons in the brain.

Scientific researchers have shown that this type of workout can significantly slow the brain aging process or retain brain health. This is the best type of workout option for being practical, as it can be done pretty much anytime, anywhere. Another great benefit of aerobics, is that it improves fitness levels more quickly than other types of exercise. Overall, it helps keep people in good shape and increases blood flow throughout the body.

4. Yoga

Yoga is one of the most ancient forms of physical exercise or health practice. Today, the entire world is aligning to its wonders and gradually uncovering all its benefits. Yoga is one of the unique and rare exercise forms that can benefit the body and the mind.

The human body produces BDNF via a gene that regulates protein substances, which is vital for stimulating the brain cells. This often includes maturation and growth of the brain cells. Yoga can reduce chronic inflammation and contribute to long-term memory. It can also help in maintaining and building a more resilient brain that is better able to cope with stress.

5. Dancing

Last but not least, don't underestimate the power of tapping your toes once in a while. Here are some reasons why dancing involves a cornucopia of physical and mental stimulation.

1. Most obviously it involves enjoying music, which itself has numerous benefits.

2. It can be intensely social, especially when dancing with a partner.

3. It uniquely tests sensory perception, particularly balance, proprioception and motor-skills.

4. It can be highly creative – think Michael Jackson’s moonwalk!

5. Depending on the type of dancing, it can be a great workout.

6. It integrates all the above into a single experience, providing powerful endorphin boosts.

As dancing can boost memory and enhance brain functionality, it can produce new neurons as well. Many researchers state that dance and music have a connection to lowering changes and symptoms of dementia, and can help keep cerebral condition healthy and enhance spatial.

Since dancing needs plenty of coordination and keeping up with the beats and rhythms, it is an excellent exercise for the brain. It is a great way to help you keep in shape and boost your brain health. To make the art of practicing dance daily, you can keep it simple by sticking to your favorite pieces of beats and rhythms.

The Bottom Line

A scientist duo from Sweden and Fred Gage and Peter Eriksson from the US back in 1998 found that humans can grow new brain cells their entire life. It does not stop with the aging. Different human brains have different ways of producing neurons. Boosting neurogenesis can come with a range of benefits, including reducing stress levels, keeping chronic pain away, enhancing mental health conditions, enhancing mood, and more. The exercises we’ve covered aren’t only great for your neurogenesis, but your overall wellness too!

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5 Ways to Boost Your Neurogenesis

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