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5 Self-Care Tips for Wellness in 2022

March 24, 2022

Health is something that many people start to notice the importance of when they’re older. It tends to be the case that good health is only really appreciated once it is in decline. This commonly leads to neglecting simple wellness habits that go along way to avoiding such decline in the first place. As the saying goes, 'prevention is better than cure'.

Typically speaking, most serious health concerns are related to, or are directly caused by lifestyle choices or poor wellness habits. The digital age has brought new challenges for health, such as increasing the likelihood of being physically sedentary, as well as factors like social media impacting our sleep quality. Added to this, the pandemic has made it even more challenging for individuals to take care of their health, psychologically, socially and physically. The rapid trend to move workplace practices into the home may also be taking it's toll in terms of bringing deadline pressures and work stress into the home place.

All this goes to say that being mindful of our wellness and consciously practicing good health habits is going to be more important than ever before in 2022. The first step is to know how to take care of yourself, even if it's through simple changes to your daily routines. Here are five easy-to-follow self-care tips to help you find your path to wellness.

1. Consume CBD

CBD products have remained highly controversial for a long time. Some people dislike the substance, while some have known for many years that it provides a plethora of medicinal benefits. Now that many countries have legalized the production and sale of CBD, it has become a growing wellness practice for millions of people.

Due to the integration of technology into the CBD industry, there is now an array of CBD products you can choose from, and each of them is equally capable of providing you with medical benefits like its ability to reduce anxiety and depression, improve heart health, and even help to suppress many types of pain. This makes CBD a great go-to supplement for all-round health needs.

If you want to get your hands on some CBD there are many online stores you can order from, such as CBD Oil UK stores, that will deliver to your doorstep. If you are looking for help in choosing from the many different CBD products available, checkout this introductory guide.

2. Understand Your Emotions

Without understanding your emotions, maintaining a sound quality is very difficult. Your feelings can range from happiness to sadness to anger and or other emotional states, and a lack understanding why can leave you like a dog chasing it's tail. Practicing mindfulness and even meditation has been shown in lots of research to be extremely helpful in learning to balance emotional states.

The most important thing is to be consciously self-aware of your emotional state, in order to realize what internal or external factors trigger emotional changes. This awareness allows your to self-regulate to avoid negative feelings happening before they occur. Or if circumstances make negative feelings somewhat inevitable, you can still internally analyze and regulate these emotions so they are much less impactful on your day-to-day wellbeing. Once you can can understand your emotions as they happen, acting appropriately and calmly starts to become second nature. You can also do this by introspection, talking to others about your feelings, or going to therapy.

3. Keep Learning New Things

One of the costliest mistakes you can make is to stop learning. Learning is part of what makes us human. If you stop learning, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Neuroscience shows that our brains thrive when acquiring new knowledge or skills, boosting your neuroplasticity and neurogenesis.

Learning can happen in many ways, the simplest and most common being learning from social interactions with others. In fact being socially active, especially in terms of having strong relationships with family and close friends, is a very strong predictor of how long you will live.

Learning is also significantly triggered through simply engaging in new types of experiences, even if it is from small changes in your daily life. For example, if you engage in sports for exercise, trying a new type of sport will challenge your mind and body to adapt through knowledge and skill acquisition, which in turn improves your overall adaptability and wellness.

4. Include Regular Exercise in Your Schedule

It’s understandable how today’s world, filled with endless work hours and fierce consumerism, has left little free time for many people. They are made to sit down for extended periods typing away at a computer. However, lower activity levels and a sedentary lifestyle could lead to many health problems. Some of these health problems include heart complications, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

That’s why you need to figure out ways to input fitness into your schedule. Doing this would allow you to stay on top of your health and keep your wellness journey on track. You don't have to run a marathon to reap the benefits of exercise - simple things like working a standing desk or taking an occasional 30-minute break to take a walk outside still go a long way.

5. Stay Financially Responsible

Financial responsibility is the last but perhaps least obvious way to maintain self-care on your wellness journey. Sadly, many people don’t take care of their finances, which leads them to make unhealthy choices. In particular, spending habits which choose materialistic or status symbol purchases (e.g. a new car or smartphone), tend to having only superficial and short-term influences on your well-being. In contrast, choosing to invest in a high-quality diet and meaningful experiences, such as travel or social activities, has been shown to reap far more benefits with longer lasting effects.

Staying financially responsible is about investing in your health and wellness, and generally being less impulsive. The simple rule of thumb is to spend your money on experiences before possessions, which will help you afford better lifestyle choices overall.

The Verdict

Trying to stay on a wellness journey can be pretty challenging. These five self-care tips are some of the simplest ways to help keep your lifestyle on a positive track. Although it’s normal to derail sometimes, getting back on track is mostly about be aware of how important your ongoing health is, and what habits help promote your day-to-day wellness.

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