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21 Awesome Quotes from 21 NeuroTracker Experts

October 23, 2023

In recent years the NeuroTracker community has been growing from strength to strength, as well as in diversity. With a plethora of feedback in human performance and wellness fields like sports, eSports, education, military, rehabilitation, neurovision, trading, and neuroscience research, there is a lot to share. Here is a selection of the NeuroTracker team's favorite quotes and insights from leaders who apply the neurotechnology in their respective fields of expertise. Alongside the quotes there are also blogs, videos and podcasts that the experts have generously volunteered to contributed - so feel free to dive deeper!

1. ‘‘By merging scientific and industry-specific expertise, NeuroTracker sets the digital health standards for other companies to follow.’’

Professor Jocelyn Faubert, Director of the Faubert Lab at the University of Montreal.

Experts Corner Blog: Q&A with Professor Faubert on the Future of Digital Health

2. “It’s been incredibly uplifting to see in just 20 minutes NeuroTracker training a week, we’re getting some really, really positive results with students.”

Dr. Armando Bertone, Perceptual Neuroscience Lab, McGill University

Video interview: NeuroTracker Testimonials - Education

3. ‘‘To become great, players need to evolve through advanced training. Which is why I’ve now coached over 15,000 sessions of NeuroTracker.’’

Mick Clegg, former Manchester United Coach, Founder of Seed of Speed.

Experts Corner Blog: Brain Holds Key to Performance Edge in Elite Sports

4. ‘‘As a tactical commander NeuroTracker was a solution to support my brain and mental health. As a venture capitalist now I use it to keep me at the top of the game.’’

Glenn Cowan, Former Canadian Special Forces Command and Venture Capitalist

Video interview: NeuroTracker Testimonials - Military

5. ‘‘Our data showed that athletes who trained the most on NeuroTracker were the best decision-makers on the ice. You can’t provide better evidence than that.’’

Dr. Leonard Zaichkowsky, Former Director of Sports Science for the Vancouver Canucks

Experts Corner Blog: The Perceptual-Cognitive Domain - a New Paradigm for Sports Performance

6. ‘‘NeuroTrackerX has revolutionized Thrive Neurosport’s hybrid model of care to serve clients better remotely.’’

Katie Mitchell, neuroscientists and Founder Owner of Thrive Neurosport

Experts Corner Blog: Why NeuroTracker Remote Training is a Game Changer

7. ‘‘This neurotechnology is an epic way to prime our brains, vision, bodies into an optimal state of flow.’’

Rob Gronbeck, Flow Genome Project Alumni and founder of the Brain Room

Experts Corner Blog: The Art of Achieving Flow With NeuroTracker - Part 1

8. ‘‘A NeuroTracker session primes the neural networks for mental performance readiness like warming up and stretching does for physical readiness.’’

Brigadier General Pete Palmer, U.S. Army (retired), National-level vice-chair for the National Defense Industrial Association-Human Systems Division

Experts Corner Blog: Assessing the Cognitive Operational Readiness of Military Personnel

9. ‘‘With over 20 years of research behind it NeuroTracker is one of the most advanced systems of its kind in the world.’’

Kate Allgood, Author of Get Into The Zone, Founder of Quantum Performance

Experts Corner Blog: Improving Performance with Better Attention

10. ‘‘Athletes can use NeuroTracker while they’re injured, to keep their brain’s in shape and get back up to game speed.’’

Josh Freedland, Founder of Brain and Body Performance

Experts Corner Blog: How Athletes Keep their Brains in Shape

11. ‘‘Everybody could benefit from this technology, because it really is working on enhancing skills to perform at a higher level.’’

Dr. Jessica Licausi, O.D., F.A.A.O., Doctor at Twin Forks Optometry, Host of Vision is More Than 20/20 podcast

Experts Corner Blog: Top 3 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Vision with Remote Learning and Work

12. ‘‘I find NeuroTracker’s Speed Threshold scores to be an excellent marker of physical and psychological fatigue’’

Julien Southon, Sports Psychologist and Director of Sport Your Brain

Experts Corner Blog: Unlocking Athletic Potential During COVID-19

13. ‘‘This is one amazing Neuroscience technology. We use it as the foundation for our fight-sport neurocognitive performance training.’’

Dr. Roman Velasquez, Neuro Peak Performance

Experts Corner Blog: Harnessing the Athletic Brain

14. ‘‘Rapid decision-making…that’s what NeuroTracker does so well.  We love it, we use it in everything we do.”

Dr. Donald Teig, Director of the A Team High Performance Vision Associates

Video interview: Dr Teig on the Performance Role of NeuroTracker

15. ‘‘The biggest gains with training tend to be in depth and speed perception, reaction and concentration, focus, eye-hand coordination and peripheral awareness, which we can demonstrate are clearly improved.”

Dr. Richard Hoctin Boes, O.D., Director of eye4vison Neuro Optometry

Experts Corner Blog: Sports Vision Training Isn’t Just for Athletes

16. ‘‘We found that NeuroTracker baselines explained a significant amount of the variance in movement speed and efficiency with medical students performing a surgery simulation test.”

Sebastian Harenberg PhD. Department of Human Kinetics, St. Francis Xavier University

Experts Corner Blog: A Fresh Perspective on Surgeon Development

17. ‘‘We're able to apply this in school settings because it's very intuitive and kids pick it up right off the bat.’’

Domineco Tullo, PhD researcher, Perceptual Neuroscience Lab, McGill University

Video interview: Domenico Tullo on NeuroTracker, Education and Learning Difficulties

18. “NeuroTracker is an ideal spatial training tool. It forces athletes to be open in space, and that’s a critical skill to keep driving and improve.”

Dr. Charles Shidlofsky, O.D., P.A., FCOVD, Head of Neuro-Vision Associates of North Texas

Experts Corner Blog: Taking on Next-Level Performance Training

19. “NeuroTracker is a nice tool to stimulate neuroplasticity, helping older patients retain their independence for as long as possible.”

Kyla Demers, Osteopath and sports medicine pioneer for Osteo & Cie and Vertex Concussion

Experts Corner Blog: Advancing Concussion Care

20. “NeuroTracker is a must-have tool. Our athletes report better reading of game flow, anticipation of collisions, decision-making under high pressure.”

Dr. Pierre Beauchamp, Sport Psychologist and performance coach for the Canadian Olympic Association

Experts Corner Blog: Gaining The Winning Edge

21. “NeuroTracker is definitely the future, it's going to blow the market of eSports training.”

Max, Montreal eSports Academy Performance Coach

Video interview: NeuroTracker Testimonials - eSports

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