02. Experts Corner

Why Cognitive Training Outperforms Ginseng, Coffee, and Energy Drinks

June 27, 2024

As CEO of the International Center Sports Mental Coaching I like to say that our methodology and cognitive training with the NeuroTracker tool is as close as you can get to having a coffee, a ginseng, and an energy drink at the same time, but let's look at something interesting...

When it comes to maximizing cognitive performance, many people turn to stimulants like ginseng, coffee, or energy drinks. However, our cognitive training using NeuroTracker technology offers a more powerful and sustainable solution.

Let’s do a head-to-head rundown across 4 benefits from supplement forms of drinks and functional cognitive training to see why NeuroTracker training is the superior choice.

1. Instant Energy vs. Lasting Cognitive Enhancement

Ginseng, Coffee, and Energy Drinks

Immediate Boost: These stimulants provide a quick energy surge, making you feel more alert and awake almost instantly.

Short-lived Effects: The heightened alertness typically lasts for a few hours, after which you may experience a crash or fatigue.

Side Effects: Over-reliance on these can lead to jitteriness, increased heart rate, anxiety, and dependency.

NeuroTracker Cognitive Training

Gradual Improvement: Cognitive training enhances mental capabilities over time through consistent practice.

Long-lasting Benefits: The improvements in attention, concentration, and cognitive processing are enduring, not just short-term boosts.

No Negative Side Effects: Unlike stimulants, cognitive training has no adverse health effects and can be tailored to individual needs.

2. Focus and Attention: Temporary vs. Permanent Gains

Ginseng, Coffee, and Energy Drinks

Temporary Focus: These substances can temporarily sharpen your focus, helping with tasks that require immediate attention.

Diminished Returns: The more you use them, the less effective they become due to tolerance build-up.

NeuroTracker Cognitive Training

Sustained Focus: Through targeted exercises, NeuroTracker improves your ability to maintain focus and attention consistently.

Enhanced Neuroplasticity: Training promotes brain plasticity, making it easier to adapt and process information even under pressure.

3. Performance Under Pressure: Peaks vs. Continuous Improvement

Ginseng, Coffee, and Energy Drinks

Momentary Peaks: These can give you short bursts of heightened performance, useful for quick tasks or overcoming immediate challenges.

Stress and Anxiety: High doses, especially from energy drinks, can increase stress and anxiety, which negatively impacts performance.

NeuroTracker Cognitive Training

Continuous Growth: The training method ensures gradual and steady improvement in cognitive functions, making it easier to handle complex tasks over time.

Resilience and Calm: Regular training helps in maintaining calm and composure under pressure, leading to better decision-making and performance.

4. Holistic Brain Health: Quick Fixes vs. Comprehensive Development

Ginseng, Coffee, and Energy Drinks

Quick Fixes: These are quick fixes that don’t contribute to overall brain health or cognitive development.

Potential Health Risks: Overuse can lead to various health issues, including heart problems and dependency.

NeuroTracker Cognitive Training

Comprehensive Development: Enhances various cognitive domains including attention, working memory, and visual processing.

Positive Health Impact: Encourages overall brain health and cognitive function without the risk of negative health consequences.


While ginseng, coffee, and energy drinks can provide temporary boosts in energy and focus, NeuroTracker cognitive training offers a sustainable and comprehensive approach to cognitive enhancement. With lasting benefits, no side effects, and the potential to improve performance under pressure, NeuroTracker stands out as the superior choice for anyone looking to unlock their full cognitive potential.

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