01. NeuroTracker

Top 5 Challenging Exercises To Do With NeuroTracker (That Will Benefit You)

January 6, 2016

In order to maximize the benefits of your NeuroTracker training, adding cognitively challenging exercises to your NeuroTracker training will increase your cognitive load, challenging your brain to even higher levels of its mental capacity. It needs to be noted, do not do these extra tasks unless you have already followed the NeuroTracker training protocol. Otherwise, you will be hurting your progress rather than helping it. We recommend you follow these protocols with a certified NeuroTracker trainer.

Here are the top 5 challenging exercises you can do, ordered from less difficult to extremely difficult:

5. Balancing - Difficulty Rating: 2 out of 5 Brains                              


Conducting a NeuroTracker session while standing on a balancing ball is a moderate challenge. As difficult as this is, it is the easiest of the top 5. Your cognitive load will be distributed between NeuroTracker and balancing. We hope you're good at balancing!

4. Jumping Rope - Difficulty Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Brains                  


Combining a physical exercise with NeuroTracker training, also known as dual-task, provides an increasing difficulty level. This will challenge your brain to handle all the requirements of the physical exercise, such as timing, muscle control, etc., combined with the cognitive challenge of NeuroTracker.

3. Weight Lifting - Difficulty Rating: 4 out of 5 Brains                    


Weight lifting can be exhausting, and more importantly, has to be done using precise techniques to not hurt the lifter. That by itself sounds challenging, how about adding some NeuroTracker training? We will admit that it is really difficult. But It's not impossible. Watch Taekwondo Champion Aaron Cook as he does it:

2. Tactical Awareness - Difficulty Rating: 5 out of 5 Brains          


What if you are given something that is supposed to fully challenge your mental capacity? Now what about adding some NeuroTracker to it? This is Tactical Awareness mode, in which the user is provided with an image that requires him or her to make a very quick identification followed by a decision-making task. All this while the NeuroTracker session is still happening. Good luck with this one!

1. Tactical Awareness w/dual-task - Difficulty Rating: OFF THE CHARTS!

Reserved for only the elite of the elite. This will put your brain under very heavy cognitive load. In addition to challenging your ability to master regular tactical awareness mode, this step will challenge you physically as well. We have only seen a very select few who can do this. Perhaps you will be the next one!

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