In my previous articles, The Power of Belief and Visualizing is Like Daydreaming on Purpose, I alluded to the power of the unconscious mind, and how it creates our internal representations which form our model of reality, creates compelling visualizations of us achieving greatness and then works tirelessly in the background helping us to achieve it. In this two-part article powerhouse, I will focus on the super computer you have at your disposal. The human mind has the power to shape your biology, and enable you to live with an abundance of personal power. The unconscious mind is your ultimate powerhouse because it’s responsible for far more than you probably realize.

The Command Center of Your Biology

If you just stop for a moment and think about everything that is going on within you at the unconscious level right now it’s really quite incredible. Our unconscious mind is controlling the beating of your heart, the pumping of blood around your entire system, your breathing, the temperature of your body, each time you blink you do it unconsciously. Every second of every minute of the day thousands upon thousands of cells are being replaced, repaired and replenished in your entire body. In fact you actually regenerate a whole new body every seven years, and all of this is done without you being consciously aware of it.

Within you there is practically a drugs laboratory creating all kinds of cells, chemicals and hormones, all of which are administered around the body in precise measure, exactly where they are required to maintain the integrity of your body.

Your Reality Supercomputer

In addition to all of this, your unconscious mind processes billions upon billions of pieces of data every single second of the day – around 30 times faster than the fastest supercomputer! Through the five senses, the things that you see, the different colors and shapes, the beauty of the world around you, the vastness of space, the majesty of iconic buildings, everything you hear, feel taste and smell is processed by the unconscious mind.

All of your thoughts, ideas, and imagination, all of your internal representations and how they are constructed, all of your memories, in fact everything that happens within you that’s outside of your conscious awareness, is handled by your amazing unconscious mind.

A Miracle of Regeneration

In fact the list is enormous and impressive, let’s imagine for a moment that you get a small cut on your finger by accident, you would consciously just shrug it off as nothing and move on, yet your unconscious mind mobilizes red blood cells to the precise point of the cut and stitches you back up again. Have you ever stopped to think just how amazing that is? This along with so many amazing things your unconscious mind controls are so easy to take for granted, and that’s because they are executed so perfectly.

In the movie Terminator 2 there was a T-1000 liquid metal machine that was able to flow back into its original state, despite being shot or injured. At the time this concept amazed audiences and yet we do it all the time, perhaps a little slower than the Hollywood machines, but none less we do it. The liver is a prime example of this, the liver is able to regenerate to its full size if part of it is lost due to disease. Dead skin cells constantly rise to the surface of our body, get sloughed off, then are replaced by new stem cells, our fat-storage cells shift roughly once per decade, while we get fresh liver cells about once every 300 days.

When we get a cold, a whole army of defenses kick into action to fight off infection and bacteria and maintain the health and integrity of our system. And we don’t have to do anything for this to happen, or at least we don’t have to do anything consciously. All of this is controlled on our behalf by the unconscious mind.

Coming Soon…The Prime Directives

The power of the unconscious mind is awesome, and in part 2 of this article I’m going to explore the twenty Prime Directives of the unconscious mind. These are a list of items that the unconscious mind is most concerned with, in order to look after our wellbeing. I think you’ll find these amazing and you’ll marvel at the incredible power, the complexity, and the magic that is within us all.

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