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Kevin George's New Book ‘Soccology'

July 25, 2018

Just published by Kevin George, Soccology is a book for absolutely everyone who’s interested in soccer. It’s especially an eye opener for people looking to learn more about the whole ecosystem and culture surrounding the sport.

As part of his vast research for the book, Kevin came across NeuroTracker at an EPL club and was instantly fascinated with how it could help elite players. Straight away he sought an interview with Professor Jocelyn Faubert to learn about the concepts behind the technology. He then included a chapter called the ‘Mind, Body and Eyes’ in the book where he covered how methods like NeuroTracker can help develop what he calls ‘The Mother Board of a Footballer’.

In his own words, Kevin described NeuroTracker as “3D object tracking used to develop brain functions critical for learning, to help with processing information when performing and to make better decisions.”  Intrigued by Kevin’s deep insights into the game, Professor Faubert received a pre-published copy of Soccology, and had this to say about it:

“As a man who knows the game intimately, Kevin George takes a real and very unique look into the what drives the careers of footballers, with countless examples of how many of the great players achieved their success. In particular, he brings fresh insights as to why decision-making in football is seen as the ‘god of skills’, why its importance is respected yet not developed systematically, and he reveals the latest ways to nurture game intelligence.”

Kevin also gave an interview with NeuroTracker, explaining his quest to reveal the psycho-emotional side of the story of the world’s most popular sport. A man with unlimited passion and a non-stop mind, Kevin’s goal was to be able to reach people he doesn’t meet through his consultancy and speeches.

In particular, he sought to uncover the myriads of factors influencing a player's performance on the pitch, and what really goes on in the hearts and minds of professional footballers, their managers, and coaches. Helping spell out the concepts, the pages are flourished with countless quotes from professional players and coaches that he’s talked to in person. He’s certainly a man with his finger firmly on the pulse of the modern game.

What makes the book a refreshing read is the way Kevin provocatively dismantles the expert footballer’s heart and brain. He then delivers unique knowledge on the humanistic side of the game. This is important territory that’s rarely ever discussed, and certainly not in such a candid way.

Whether it’s the animalistic side of street culture’s role in producing rare talents, or the politics of how the commercial soccer system doesn’t always have the player’s best interests in mind, Kevin explains his way through deep paradigms like he’s having a chat with you in person.

Most importantly, he expounds on just how misunderstood pro players are in the media and public’s perception. Rather than simply being labeled as an exuberant salary, they are real people who have to overcome immense of pressures and constant challenges to keep their place in a team.

With the World Cup just over, Soccology is a great way to learn a whole new perspective on the world of soccer, especially for anyone aspiring to make it as a professional player.

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About Kevin George

Former West Ham and Charlton footballer turned human behavior specialist, Kevin George based ‘Soccology’ on his internationally acclaimed course of the same name. He specializes in understanding the role of childhood, feelings, environment , and lifestyle on a player's mindset and how to use a player-centered approach to get optimum results. The book is considered a must-read for all lovers of the game.

Look out for an upcoming Expert’s Corner Blog by the man himself.

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