04. Wellness

How Does Technology Affect Your Health and Well-Being?

May 21, 2020

Technology is a big part of our lives. From browsing the internet on our phones to using our laptops for work, most of us use some form of technology every day. Approximately 77% of American adults go online every day, Pew Research studies show. While digital devices have many benefits to them, they also can have a lot of downsides too. Overexposure for long periods of time can create a lot of health issues for people. That is why it’s important to form healthy technology habits and find ways to prevent problems that could arise. Read on for more information about the ways your technology is affecting aspects of your health and what you can do to fix them.

How Does Technology Affect on Physical Health?

One of the most common problems that can occur when a person has been overexposed to technology is eye strain. Looking at a small screen all day or even reading the tiny print on a laptop can cause your eyes to feel sore, itchy, and dry. These symptoms are generally a result of looking at a screen for too long or from blue light. Blue light is a type of light that is emitted from digital devices that can affect everything from your sight to how you sleep.

An easy way to prevent eye strain caused by blue light is to schedule breaks. Every so often look away from your digital device and let your eyes go unfocused. This will give them a break from constantly working and provide quick relief. If short breaks don’t help, a pair of blue light glasses is another route you can take. These glasses can prevent the harmful impact of blue light from worsening your eyesight.

Along with eye strain, posture issues are another common issue that occurs when using technology. Since many people have had to make an unexpected switch to working from home, they probably don’t have access to the same equipment and furniture that they had in the office. This can prove to be a problem if they are sitting in front of a laptop for hours without the proper computer, desk, and chair. Working on your couch can encourage slumping which leads to neck and lower back problems. To fix this, make sure your laptop is at eye level and get up frequently. This will help to prevent hunching and stop your body from getting stiff.

How Does Technology Impact Mental Health?

What you use your technology devices to access can have a huge impact on your mental state. Social platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat can influence people to compare their lives and appearances to others. Often this sets unrealistic expectations for people and if their lives don’t look exactly like someone else’s it can create feelings on sadness, anxiety, and depression.

Aside from unrealistic standards, internet addiction is slowly becoming more prevalent. While the number of people is relatively low, 6% of the population is spending excessive amounts of time on the internet, which is a problem. Instead of being mentally checked into a conversation or focused on a task, people are checking notifications and scrolling through social media feeds. Not being present and focused can end up affecting your work life and personal relationships.

If the internet prevents you from focusing on the most important aspects of your life, consider trying a program designed to strengthen your cognitive abilities. It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole of the internet, but being aware of your use will help you manage the impacts it can have on your mental health.

How Does Technology Influence Sexual Health?

While most people can understand the effects technology can have on things like their eyes or self-esteem, they often overlook some of the more subtle effects it can have. How much a person uses a digital device or when they use it can be the subject of many arguments leading to intimacy issues between a person and their significant other. The more arguing that happens, the more stress both partners experience. Even after the fight has been worked out, stress can have an extreme physical effect on your body’s overall well being. This can cause performance issues in bed like erectile dysfunction (ED).

Men experiencing ED are also at higher risk of developing behavioral changes that contribute to anxiety. This health concern can be treated with a daily ED medication such as Cialis and can bring some peace of mind while easing any anxieties you have. Similarly, stress can also affect a woman’s libido by inhibiting sexual desire. To help, try something new in the bedroom to increase the excitement and make love-making stress free.

When it’s time to go to bed, try to limit how much you use your phone, tablet, or laptop. Not only does the light emitted at night have a negative effect on your eyes, it may also cause more arguments with your partner if they feel like you aren’t paying attention to them. Use your time in bed to pay attention to your partner, because your notifications will still be there in the morning.

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