04. Wellness

Fighting the Effects of Active Aging

December 22, 2015

It is an unavoidable fact of life that the natural aging process has a negative effect on the mind. Mental processes begin slowing down in the golden years, and frequently skills like driving and navigating large crowds can begin to decline. But that isn’t a guarantee.

With NeuroTracker, elderly citizens can attempt to combat the effects of active aging. With mental training programs that are custom-tailored to the individual needs of the client, helping retirees with pursue their goal of driving more safely and confidently.

How NeuroTracker Works

NeuroTracker is designed to be a fun and interactive means for training the mind’s focus, biological motion tracking, and ability to process and prioritize multiple stimuli at once. The training procedure asks participants to track select objects in a field of many as they move through a three dimensional projection.

Simulations start off slow, with the speed based on the participant, and gradually build in speed over the course of the training. Eventually, the participant easily tracks various objects without losing focus.

This practice helps sharpen a participant’s distributed focus, which is generally defined as the ability to keep track of multiple stimuli at one time. Think of it as perfecting your brain’s ability to juggle. Training with NeuroTracker helps you keep track of all the balls without “dropping” one of them.

NeuroTracker training has been demonstrated to improve with selective attention. It helps you train your mind to quickly process and prioritize a large number of stimuli at once, then weed out the ones that aren’t important to the task at hand.

How NeuroTracker Fights Aging Effects

After a completing a training program with NeuroTracker, older participants have been typically shown to able to perform at the same level on NeuroTracker as young adults in their mental prime without NeuroTracker training. This means that NeuroTracker may not only reverse some of the effects of healthy aging, but may even be able to allow a participant to feel they are reclaiming part of the mental agility of their youth.

One of the biggest benefits elderly participants could look for is their ability to drive in stressful situations without being overwhelmed. Because their minds are being trained to track visual stimuli and prioritize the important inputs, they they can be expect to be calmer making the correct decision under pressure, even at high speeds.

Also expected is a great improvement our elderly participants’ ability to navigate through large crowds of people without any problems. It can be dangerous for older citizens to walk through a big crowd of people - the ever shifting sea of bodies can knock over a bystander and cause a dangerous fall.

NeuroTracker was designed in part to help professional athletes track moving bodies and predict their movements in fast-paced sport situations. This translates naturally to helping non-athletes in real-life situations like walking down a crowded street or wheeling a cart through a busy grocery store.

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