02. Experts Corner

Embracing a New Career Journey with NeuroTracker

June 13, 2024

Transitioning into my role at NeuroTracker marked a significant shift in both my career and personal life. Although I actually studied neuroscience at Carleton University, prior to joining NeuroTracker my career was in medical device sales. This was often in high-stress and competitive environments, which was a challenge I enjoyed, but did mean I was accustomed to a world where securing a sale required persistence and overcoming frequent rejections.

NeuroTracker was different. When I was first introduced to NeuroTracker, the science and potential of it immediately intrigued me, so I introduced it to my husband Jonathan. Soon after he became the new CEO and I joined as head of neuromedical sales. Having spent years working mostly on my own and on the road a lot, this new career journey was a change not just in work life, but in being able to work at home as mother of three girls, to share steering a company with my husband, and to engage with a fascinating range of exciting clients.

Here I'd like to share some insights on how a career pivot can bring about a positive change in lifestyle.

The Positive Impact of Remote Work

The global shift towards remote work brought about by the pandemic coincided with a transformative period in my life. The move from a traditional office setting to a home-based environment significantly affected our family dynamics. Previously, my career demanded a considerable amount of travel and time in surgeries, while my husband also had a hectic travel schedule. This lifestyle required us to rely heavily on nannies due to the absence of nearby family support.

Working from home changed all of that. It allowed for greater flexibility and presence at home, enabling both of us to engage more actively in our children's daily lives. The ability to set our own schedules, create boundaries, and eliminate lengthy commutes transformed our approach to work and family life.

This newfound balance certainly enhanced our quality of life. For me it also opened my eyes just how easy it is in a busy career to miss all the special moments that happen on a daily basis, as your children grow and blossom so quickly.

Thriving in Sales with a Sought-After Solution

A sports and rehabilitation client working with NeuroTracker

My role overseeing sales at NeuroTracker was a stark contrast to my previous experiences in sales, which was often a case of trying to create opportunities rather than respond to them. My first surprise was discovering that here was a product where clients actively seek us out for solutions.

The clients I now interact with come prepared, aware of what they need to enhance their performance—be it in sports, academia, or military applications. This shift from aggressively pursuing sales to facilitating eager clients through their decision processes has been a refreshing change to say the least!

Fortunately, the cloud-based NeuroTracker product is highly accessible – a new client can literally be up and running on it within minutes. Then, as over 100 scientific studies show, the first 6-minute session can deliver a valuable window in to the brain, and the cognitive benefits can be reaped within just a few hours of training. This makes introducing it to clients genuinely rewarding.

It is also endlessly interesting because each client has different needs and there are so many ways it can be adapted for how they want to make use of the product.

Engaging with a Diverse Clientele

The diversity of the clientele at NeuroTracker keeps my day-to-day interactions both challenging and fascinating. Each client brings unique needs and goals, requiring tailored approaches that utilize my skills in relationship building and strategic planning. From elite sports teams and educational institutions to military groups, the range of applications for NeuroTracker has broadened the scope of my professional expertise.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of my work is the opportunity to interact with people who are genuine experts in their fields. Every new client or project brings a story, a set of challenges, and a chance to make a tangible difference. There's always something to learn. Whether it's improving the cognitive functions of athletes or aiding rehabilitation in medical patients, the applications of NeuroTracker are as varied as they are profound.

This diversity not only enhances my day-to-day experiences but also contributes to evolution of the company. Being part of a solution that has a direct impact on people's lives provides a sense of purpose that is gratifying in a way I wouldn’t have associated with a sales career.

Looking Forward

Reflecting on my journey so far with NeuroTracker, I am struck by just how influential a career change can be. New is sometimes scary, but in the bigger picture I found well worth the risks.

This role has not only allowed me to leverage my background in neuroscience and sales in innovative ways but has also provided a work-life balance that I hadn’t previously imagined. Now I look forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, confident in the knowledge that what we are building here extends far beyond the confines of traditional business—it's about making a lasting difference in people's lives.

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