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Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, Brings More Awareness to Mental Health Issues

January 6, 2016

Having just finished her maternity leave, the Duchess of Cambridge highlighted the importance of mental health issues by visiting the Anna Freud Centre. Kate Middleton spent the day interacting with kids and participating in multiple activities at the center, including using NeuroTracker and testing her cognitive abilities.

The Duchess of Cambridge visits the Anna Freud Centre for Children in Islington.
The Duchess is pictured with a pair of 3D glasses trying NeuroTracker

The Anna Freud Centre aspires to help kids with mental health issues continue their life normally. The Duchess of Cambridge is keen on bringing more attention to the issue along with emphasizing the importance of early intervention. The Centre is not only a place for kids to improve, but it also conducts its own research and provides a wide array of services to assist children.

To read more about and see a video of Kate Middleton's visit, click HERE

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