03. Performance

This Is What A Cristiano Ronaldo Penalty Kick Looks Like

March 30, 2016

If you've ever wondered what it's like to face a Cristiano Ronaldo penalty kick, wonder no more. During Real Madrid's game against Sevilla FC, Ronaldo took a penalty kick against Sevilla FC goalkeeper Sergio Rico. We would love to say that Sergio Rico had a camera on him and we think that should be the next ground-breaking idea in soccer - equip all goalkeepers with body cams. Unfortunately, it was a case of a spectator enjoying one of the best seats in the house by sitting right behind the net. Of course, to describe the seat as the best in the house is a relative term given what happens in the video.

Ronaldo would stand in his iconic wide-feet stance before confidently stepping into the shot. Alas, he would miss the net completely and instead shoot the ball directly towards our camera-holding spectator. The spectator would eventually have black eye after the ball hit her in the face, but on the bright side, she will have a memory that she will always cherish.

In typical Ronaldo - Messi rivalry, Messi followed up on Ronaldo by hitting a spectator himself, unfortunately, in the other case, the woman wasn't so lucky and suffered a painful injury (we don't recommend watching the other video)


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