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Rugby Team Improves Both On- and Off-the-field with NeuroTracker

November 5, 2015

A study done by the French Federation of Rugby (FFR) shows that players who have had NeuroTracker training show much better performance improvement on the field than those who have not. These findings were correlated with a study done by the University of Paris XI, which did a study involving Stade Toulousain, one of the highest ranked teams in Europe. These validated findings show that NeuroTracker is a useful tool for improving the performance of sports players, but it is also worth looking at how NeuroTracker results can be applied to other situations. This application, called far-transferability, is similar to the theory of Transfer of Learning.

The Basics of Transfer of Learning

Psychologists Edward Thorndike and Robert Woodworth. put forth the idea that humans learn, act, and perform based on their prior experiences. The Transfer of Learning theory states that one can become better in one area by improving in a closely related area. Far-transferability is when an individual can apply a skill learned in a prior experience to a seemingly different task. For example, being a good ice skater can translate into being a good skier; skiing and ice-skating are different and use different equipment but the brain uses its ability to maneuver on slippery surfaces from prior experiences and adapts quickly.

The Rugby Players and Far-Transferability

The studies mentioned above supported this theory. Those rugby players who had undergone NeuroTracker training showed that they could translate these skills to the field and to other areas. This type of far-transferability was shown in how players acted off the field. They showed marked improvement in decision-making, were more aware of their peripheral vision, and were more mentally focused.

Making use of NeuroTracker to transfer learned skills to real-life situations made the players react more quickly to new situations since they already had a base understanding. The idea is that by using NeuroTracker training, people can be more prepared for any new situations and handle them in a more knowledgeable manner. Imagine having a tool that allows you to be a better athlete, do better at school, and be a safer driver! Well, you don't have to imagine anymore because that's exactly what NeuroTracker can do!

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