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9 Interviews with NeuroTracker Experts in Different Fields of Human Performance

November 24, 2022

Originally used exclusively by the world's top sports teams, over the last decade applications of NeuroTracker have spread across diverse fields of human performance and wellness. Fortunately, champions of this neurotechnology are usually more than happy to share their experiences, insights and best practices. We hope you enjoy this selection of video interviews with 9 bonafide experts across a variety of human performance domains.

1. Zac Bourgeois - Professional Rodeo Athlete

Transitioning from US Junior champion into full professional rodeo, Zac Bourgeois is a young and fast-rising rodeo athlete. In this video special he gives unique insights into the demanding world of rodeo performance, his rehab journey from a severe brain injury, and reveals his goal of using technologies like NeuroTracker to take the sport to new levels.

2. Katie Mitchell - Neuroscientist and Sports Medicine Practitioner

Katie Mitchell PhD(c) is founder of Thrive Neurosport, a specialist rehab center dedicated to taking athletes all the way from injury through to peak performance.

Having setup her center during COVID lockdown, she covers how she found the NeuroTrackerX platform invaluable as a way to remotely manage her clients through a hybrid model of telehealth-based services.

3. Kristen Campbell - Team Canada Hockey Goal Tender

Kristen Campbell is one of the earliest adopters of NeuroTracker for personal use. Having trained with the neurotech daily for more than 6 years, she had the privilege of being selected for the national team and was part of the team that won the gold medal for Canada in last winter Olympics.

Here Kristen talks about the benefits she has found from training, as well as some of the advanced training methodologies she has developed out of her own experience.

4. Pete Palmer - Brigadier General of the US Army

In this exclusive interview General Pete Palmer (retired) explains how neurotechnologies like NeuroTracker will boost the operational readiness of military personnel by accurately assessing cognitive state.

His concept is simple, the US military needs to reliably assess the performance readiness of human personnel to the same rigorous checks and standards that military equipment like fighter jets undergo before deployed on the battlefield.

5. Erin McLeod - Canadian Sports Hall of Fame Soccer Goalkeeper

Erin McLeod is a Canadian Olympic Bronze medalist, 4x FIFA World Cup goalkeeper, as well as an influencer in the practice of mindfulness.

Here Erin gives her 2 cents on just how valuable NeuroTracker has been for both her performance on the pitch and how it synergizes with her mastery of mindfulness.

6. Dr. Armando Bertone and Dr. Domenico Tullo - Researchers at the Perceptual Neuroscience Lab

Based at McGill University, Dr. Armando Bertone and Dr. Domenico Tullo are scientific leaders in neurodevelopmental research.

Here they provide a rare look behind the scenes of a landmark study using NeuroTracker to enhance the attention of young students with major learning difficulties. In particular they highlight the benefits of improved attention for learning outcomes and share some anecdotes on the students' and teachers' experience of the training benefits.

7. Kyla Demers - Founder of Vertex Concussion

Kyla Demers is a concussion researcher, was part of the Canadian medical team for the Vancouver Olympics, and is founder of Vertex Concussion where she pioneers new rehab therapies.

Here Kyla introduces what is special about her approach and outlines the true value of applying neurotechnologies for both rehab and performance, adding some compelling success stories of the work she has done with clients.

8. James Wingfield - Mercedes F1 Engineer Team Leader and Race Driver in Formula BMW

James Wingfield is a person who has been instrumental behind the scenes of the most successful team in modern motorsports. An avid competitor on the racetrack himself, he discovered NeuroTracker as a potential way to take his performance to the next level.

James talks candidly about the benefits he has experienced alongside specific ways in which NeuroTracking transfers to the track, including a direct reduction in lap times. He also shares how he adapted the neurotechnology to integrate it into his race simulator training. After this interview he had his most successful race season ever with an unprecedented series of podium finishes.

9. Maxime Chevrier - Clinical Psychologist and Founder of Synapse Plus

Last but certainly not least on our list, Maxime Chevrier is probably the world's most experienced NeuroTracker expert. Having founded his Montreal chain of AXiO Sport Medicine Clinics and Synapse Plus performance centers around NeuroTracker almost a decade ago, he has worked extensively with clients across a plethora of human performance and wellness domains.

Here Maxime provides deep insights on his long running success evolving the application of NeuroTracker training with his diverse client base.

We hope you gleaned useful insights or inspiration from the best practices shared by these various experts. If you are interested in learning further, then there are many more interviews and testimonials with experts on our YouTube channel here.

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