08. Neuroscience

7 Top Blogs on Vision Performance

August 26, 2022

Human vision is an amazing result of our evolutionary biology, as well as the most powerful way we can perceive the world around us. Here are our list of 7 top blogs covering the fundamentals of how our visual systems function, through to how vision can be trained to improve real-world performance in sports and beyond.

1. 5 Answers to the Speed Limits of Human Visual Perception

Discover why human visual performance is genuinely remarkable. From perceiving light photons in quadrillionths of a second, to identifying 75 different scenes in a single second, explore 5 different aspects of perception speed.

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2. How Good is Your Stereo Vision?

Pretty much every animal in nature has at least two eyes, which allows them to accurately perceive depth through binocular stereo vision. However, when it comes to modern humans, new research shows that our stereo vision capacities can vary significantly from one person to the next.

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3. 5 Ways mTBIs Disrupt Vision

Concussions can affect literally any brain function. However, because our dominant sense is vision, visual capacities are commonly impacted by head injuries. Learn about the 5 different ways in which mTBIs often impair our ability to perceive the visual world around us.

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The Rise of Sports Vision Training

Across pro sports, vision training is fast-becoming the latest way to get an edge over the competition. In the same way that an athlete improves sports performance by training the body for strength and endurance, visual skills can be improved and enhanced through a wide range of conditioning techniques. Learn how the latest vision trainers are putting this approach to use.

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Sports Vision for Situational Awareness - Part 1

As most athletes know, good situational awareness is critical for making game-winning decisions under pressure. In this first part of a two-part blog, discover why our preconceptions of vision can be illusory, and why that matters when it comes to performing on the field.

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Sports Vision for Situational Awareness - Part 2

Part 2 covers how peripheral vision techniques and training tools can be used to acquire greater situational awareness. In particular, learn how NeuroTracker 3D multiple object tracking training can be used to progressively overload the brain's situational awareness capacities, in the same way weight-training is used to build up strength.

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Sports Vision Training Isn’t Just for Athletes

Last but not least on our list, find out from a neurovision expert how sports vision training techniques can be applied across many different domains of human performance and wellness.

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