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7 Top Blogs of 2020 by Sports Performance Experts

November 30, 2020

At NeuroTracker we’re proud to have top human performance leaders from all sorts of fields give their 2 cents in our blogs. From an MMA neuroscience coach to the world’s leading expert in visual perception, here are our 7 most insightful Expert Corner blogs of 2020 – enjoy!

1. A Deep Dive Into the Athletic Brain with Professor Faubert

The scientific mastermind behind NeuroTracker, Professor Faubert is continuously engaged in cutting-edge research into how the brain truly ticks when it encounters the demands of the real-world.

This blog takes highlights from probably the best neuroscience sports podcast this year, hosted by Goalie Hacks Founder and pro hockey goalie Mike Santaguida. You can also listen to the podcast for free in the link below – prepare to have your mind blown!

A Deep Dive Into the Athletic Brain with Professor Faubert

2. Harnessing the Athletic Brain

Dr. Roman Velasquez is an MMA coach who lies somewhere between maverick and genius. As a neurobiological neuroscientist with a doctorate in leadership as a ‘Combat Sports Brain Performance Coach’, he is the founder of Neuro Peak Performance.

In this fantastic blog, Dr. Roman Velasquez takes a deep dive into how the brain functions in combat sports, and reveals the enormous demands on mental processing. He then explains the secrets to training these systems for next level sports performance.

Harnessing the Athletic Brain

3. How Can We Make Our Brains Better?

Rob Gronbeck is the quintessential cognitive sports coach and founder of the Brain Room. With limitless zeal, he constantly pushes the boundaries of performance with the very latest neurotechnologies. He has a legendary reputation with the NeuroTracker team for being not only a veteran NeuroTracker coach, but a disciple of the technology for training his own abilities through close to 1,000 sessions.

In this piece Rob presents a unique perspective on ‘the growth zone’, explaining the methodology for achieving an ongoing improvement in mental performance, along with evidence to back it up. This blog is relevant to literally anyone who wants to surpass their current abilities.

How Can We Make Our Brains Better?

4. Unlocking Athletic Potential During COVID-19

Julien Southon is a sports performance coach based in France. A true interdisciplinary coach, he fosters professional talent across many sports, including rally driving. When COVID-19 lockdowns began, he was the first NeuroTracker professional take proactive action to deliver effective remote training for his clients.

Here Julien covers the challenges that athletes have faced, and reveals from his own experience how remote cognitive training can play an incredibly valuable role, both for maintaining performance, and for psychological support.

Unlocking Athletic Potential During COVID-19

5. A Window into the World of Rodeo Performance

Zac Bourgeois is a national youth US rodeo champion turned professional. A rising young star in the rodeo world, he is a true athlete in every sense of the word, with a seemingly unshakable courage for taming a 2000 pound rampant animal.

Every now and again, an expert writes for NeuroTracker in a way that gives a whole new perspective on human performance. For example, in Zac’s words, rodeo is actually a lot like ballet! Here he also tells the story of his own recovery against all odds from a very severe brain injury, all the way back into the saddle.

A Window into the World of Rodeo Performance

6. Introducing NeuroTracker for Golfing Performance

Jordan Fuller is a professional golf coach specialized in nurturing young talent, with a focus on the mental aspects of the game. He is also a prolific writer of guides to the technical aspects of golf.

In this blog he introduces and reviews NeuroTracker for the golfing world. Working from the broad benefits of this form of cognitive training, he then takes a more in-depth look at how training between the ears can provide a pivotal advantage for specific demands of the sports.

Introducing NeuroTracker for Golfing Performance

7. Getting Into the Mental Game of Sports Performance

Kristen Campbell was a NCAA Div 1 Ice Hockey Goaltender for Wisconsin Badgers with an extremely impressive list of accomplishments at the NCAA level.

In this blog she provides great insights into using NeuroTracker for her personal training, explaining how exactly the training raised her game and played a pivotal role in achieving numerous outstanding player of the year awards. If you’re an athlete looking to raise your game from home, this is a must-read.

Getting Into the Mental Game of Sports Performance

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