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7 Blogs to Boost Your Wellness

January 4, 2019

For many people the New Year means fresh efforts to improve health. To help here are 7 top NeuroTracker blogs from 2018 that will help you get clued up on the latest ways to boost your wellness. From amping up your neurogenesis to getting better sleep, here are 7 ways to enhance your cognitive health based on the latest research.

1. 5 Ways to Boost Your Neurogenesis

New neurons in adult brains are actually more plastic and have increased excitability. For this reason it’s thought they can play a special role in improving cognitive rehabilitation outcomes for conditions such as brain injury or stroke.

Activities such as learning a new skill, traveling, language learning, making new or deeper social connections, and taking on intellectual challenges, are all stimulants of neurogenesis. Aerobic activities such as running, cycling, swimming, and even sex, are effective ways of boosting neurogenesis. Consuming the right fats (which make up 60% of the brain’s raw material) is important in new neuron growth, and even some psychoactive substances show promise for increasing neural connections. Lastly, meditation shows promise for building up grey matter density.

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2. 7 Evidence-Based Benefits of Yoga

Science has found that yoga can actually improve your health. This includes improving quality of life, reducing stress, improving heart health, sleep quality and flexibility. Studies also show benefits for breathing abilities and core body strength.

Of the many different studies conducted, most show that just a couple of meditation sessions per week can yield all these benefits over time. From improving your mental state, to priming your physical fitness and health – a regular yoga routine can deliver wide benefits.

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3. 9 Superfoods for Your Brain

Whether it is to get a bit of extra spark in neurons or to keep your brain healthy, diet is a great way to look after your grey matter. Most people think of super foods for physical health, but research is showing that there can equally important benefits for cognitive health.

Top foods for brain health include wild salmon, blueberries, walnuts, spinach, avacados, dark chocolate, broccoli, beets and green tea. It turns out your neurons like tasty treats, so giving your brain some TLC isn’t actually a sacrifice. These 9 superfoods are also great for your body, so time to get a pen out and add them to your next shopping list!

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4. Simple Life Hacks for Great Sleep

We rarely think about how to improve our sleep quality beyond normal in order to reap known benefits like better memory, mental focus and awareness. By following some pretty straight-forward tips, you can not only recharge yourself overnight, but also prime yourself for optimal performance.

Key strategies include techniques to avoid sleep disruption, exercises to prime good sleep, fine tuning sleep patterns to boost REM, and using sleep to improve learning. Most of these are pretty straight-forward and easy to implement, so it’s not rocket science to enhance the effects of what you do for a third of your life!

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5. Can Fasting Get Your Brain Into Shape?

Countless studies show that fasting can have numerous major health benefits. But the question is, do these benefits carry over to the brain? The answer appears to be yes, and potentially with rapid and long term effects.

Some of the latest neuroscience discoveries show the fasting can boost the production of new brain cells, heighten neuroplasticity, reduce brain inflammation, enhance the energy output of neurons, and finally to create higher levels of growth hormones across the brain. So while keeping trim and looking after your body might be great goals for trying out fasting, the benefits between your ears might just surprise you!

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6. 5 Ways Exercise Benefits Your Brain

A growing field of neuroscience research is showing that not only can your brain become healthier, but working out can also boost your cognitive prowess. The benefits that research shows includes improved mental focus, executive functions, memory skills, cognitive flexibility and impulse control.

Other research also shows benefits for mood, confidence and stress relief. So the next time you are working out, think about the positive effects you might be getting for your mental wellbeing.

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7. Some Surprising Upsides of ADHD

Around 11% of American children suffer from Attention Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). There can be many challenges for living with this condition that affect most aspects of life. Without making light of these, there can also be surprising upsides for some people.

These can be expressed through advantageous personality traits that can actually increase focus, energy, creativity and spontaneity in ways that help people perform at work and in education. Once realized, teachers, counselors, therapists, coaches, and parents can all help in mentoring or providing opportunities to nurture these hidden talents. There are a surprising number of celebrities who have learned to harness the upsides of ADHD to achieve stellar careers.

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