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5 Great Interviews with Different Experts in Human Performance

January 20, 2021

As a technology adopted across a wide variety of human performance domains, the NeuroTracker team is privileged to get rare insights on how experts put the neurotechnology to use to. Here we are proud to share 5 great interviews from different experts, each at the top of their game or field - enjoy!

General Pete Palmer

Retired US Army General Pete Palmer served over 32 years in the Army, which included four tours with NATO and in Kosovo and Iraq. He is now the national-level vice chair for the National Defense Industrial Association-Human Systems Division, acting as a thought leader and advisor for the future evolution of US military services.

In this exclusive interview with NeuroTracker, General Palmer presents the challenge of assessing the operational readiness of military personnel to the standards in place for machines and equipment. For example he explains that there are numerous checks and safeguards in place to make sure a tank is ready to perform as expected, but not for the humans who operate it. The solution? Neurotechnologies like NeuroTracker that can measure readiness for real-world action.

You can also read General Palmer's Experts Corner blog going into more detail on this topic.

Assessing the Cognitive Operational Readiness of Military Personnel

Katie Mitchell

Wearer of many hats, Katie Mitchell, PhD(c), MScPT, CAT(C) is a clinician, PhD researcher, and educator. Owner of Thrive NeuroSport Rehabilitation and Performance and Clinical NeuroSport Education, her clinical practice takes a cutting-edge approach specializing in concussion, orthopaedics and neurosport performance.

As a neuroscientist and sports medicine practitioner, Katie Mitchell provides great insights on why remote training with neurotechnologies is transforming services for her clients. As she explains, implementing NeuroTrackerX has been a game changer for her Thrive NeuroSport practice, dramatically expanding the business's client reach.

If you're interested in learning more about remote training and telehealth services, then also check out Katie's Expert Corner blog.

Why NeuroTracker Remote Training is a Game Changer

Erin McLeod

Erin McLeod earned her spot in the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame as a soccer goalie with 4 FIFA World Cups and two Olympic Games under her belt, including taking Canada to the World Cup quarter finals and achieving a bronze medal at the London 2012 Games! She is also co-founder of the Mindful Project, dedicated to teaching mindfulness techniques for enhancement of human performance and wellness.

Here Erin candidly reveals her secrets as to why NeuroTracker has been not only pivotal in her sports career, but also in her evolution of mindfulness training and life performance off-the-pitch.

Zac Bourgeois

Zac Bourgeois achieved his bull-riding stripes by becoming a national high-school champion, and is now a young, fast-rising professional Rodeo Athlete with his sights set on becoming a world champion.  In this rapidly evolving sport Zac explains why the new breeds of super-bulls will demand a whole new level of bull-riding skills.

To meet this challenge head-on, he believes his discovery of neurotech tools like NeuroTracker and Neurofeedback may help him set the standards for others to follow. He also shares how the neurotech tools he initially used to get back to peak shape after a severe brain injury accident, are now the tools that can elevate his performance to the next level.

If you'd like to get more insights into why this unique sport is so fascinating, then also read Zac's Experts Corner blog.

A Window into the World of Rodeo Performance

Kristen Campbell

Kristen Campbell is an elite ice hockey goaltender with a slew of accolades at the highest levels of the NCAA, including 2 X All- American (2018 & 2019), 2019 Frozen Four Most Outstanding Player, 2018 & 2019 WCHA Goaltender of the Year, 2018 Top 10 Patty Kaz Finalist, as well performing for Team Canada U18 and U22.

Here Kristen shares her story of how she was originally coached on NeuroTracker, saw the benefits it had on her mental game, and transitioned to adopting the technology as part of her personal training protocols at home, on the road, and to get in the zone pre-competition. Her interview here has great advice for anyone interested in cognitive training for their personal performance needs.

You can also check out Kristen's Experts Corner blog on why cognitive training is key to achieving peak athletic potential.

Getting Into the Mental Game of Sports Performance

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