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5 Blogs on the Power of Neuroscience

January 15, 2019

Over the past decade, neuroscience has been one of the fastest evolving fields of science. Unlike more abstracts scientific disciplines like quantum physics, discoveries in neuroscience can quickly lead to new ways to improve human performance and wellbeing.  For this reason here is the NeuroTracker team’s selection of 5 favorite blogs over the past year – enjoy!

5 Reasons Why Neuroscience is Amazing

The most complex structure in the known universe, neuroscience is revealing why your brain is a remarkable piece of bio-engineering. Among other things, it can structurally rewire and adapt according to environmental or physiological stimuli.

In what is dubbed the ‘decade of the brain’, research is growing exponentially in an international arms race of the brain. This is bringing forth a whole slew of cutting-edge technologies with the potential to transform human performance.

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Your Brain’s Remarkable Neuroplasticity

The discovery of neuroplasticity has been the biggest breakthrough in neuroscience. Like your physical body on steroids, your brain can adapt rapidly just with the right kinds of mental stimulation.

As well as growing new neurons into old age, neural networks can increase in speed, be pruned for synaptic efficiency, and adapt brainwave activity. These changes can be both positive and long-lasting, and in some cases can involve extreme adaptations.

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7 Ways to Harness Your Neuroplasticity

Modern neuroscience has discovered some effective ways you can remodel your brain through simple lifestyle changes. These include getting into an alert and attentive mental state, committing to challenging tasks and engaging in new or novel experiences.

Finding an arousal balance between stimulation and stress is a key factor, but also practicing key mental skills (even via imagination) can be an effective way to encourage positive brain changes. Lastly, just living a generally healthy lifestyle goes a long way.

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Neuroscience is Augmenting Career Training Programs

From industry-based skill-specific training to developing technical abilities in military or medical roles, getting individuals to perform to the correct standard whenever and wherever needed is a major challenge.

NeuroTracker represents an example of a cognitive tool which can profile training readiness and performance potential, including simulating real-world mental pressures. More importantly, cognitive training shows promise for accelerating learning of new skills and career-specific abilities.

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Is Neuroscience the Future of Sports Science?

Athletes spend a great amount of time and effort working out to be physically ready for the rigors of playing sports. But if the body is being trained, shouldn’t athletes also train the brain? With all the progress in neuroscience, many technologies are now coming to the foreground to help us harness the benefits.

One novel method is using electrical stimulation, which companies like Halo are using in sports performance domains. Like NeuroTracker, technology is now truly an integral part of sports, with more and more athletes turning to it gain an advantage. Evidently, neuroscience is the next frontier for technology in sports, and the gains it can yield may be more than marginal.

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We hope you’ve found the power of neuroscience interesting, for sure there will be lots more to come in 2019!

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