03. Performance

3 Things That Affect Your Cognitive Performance

March 18, 2016

There are many cognitive factors that come into play when evaluating things that could potentially affect an individual's cognitive performance. Cognitive factors are those characteristics of a person that affect the way they learn and perform. Such factors serve in a way which modulated performance and are therefore susceptible to improvement, as well as decline. Examples of these cognitive functions are things like memory, attention, and reasoning.

Cognitive Performance Factors

Here are 3 things that affect your performance:

Task Difficulty

You might have easily guessed this one, but your cognitive performance relies on the difficulty of the task. Does the task include problem-solving for example? That will make the task more difficult.

Neglecting Practice

The brain is a muscle that must be exercised and used in order to achieve its maximum level of performance capability. Therefore, a brain that has neglectfully been deprived of practice will under-perform in many scenarios

Cognitive Load

When it becomes necessary for an individual to divide their cognition between tasks (for example, memory and attention) it becomes more difficult for them to focus on the main task at hand and such a divide ultimately can decrease performance capability

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