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21 Great NeuroTracker Quotes from 21 Great Athletes

February 11, 2021

Recently we featured quotes from a variety of coaches, clinicians, military leaders and all-round experts in the cognitive dimensions of human performance and wellness. Now it's time to share the voices of great athletes from a plethora of different sports and countries. Many are at the top of their game, and the NeuroTracker team is proud to share the thoughts they have kindly volunteered about how our neurotechnology has had a positive impact in their chosen profession - enjoy!

1. ‘‘It’s important to have your mind operating on a high-level…that’s key as a quarterback, to be able to see things and how they relate to each other quickly. I think that’s exactly what NeuroTracker helps you do.’’

Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons Quarterback & NFL MVP

Interview with the New York Times

2. “I’ve noticed a big difference with batting pucks down, tracking stuff … If I’m looking down, my peripherals can see a red jersey, where it’s going. My dad always said, ‘If you’re going to lift a weight with your arm in the gym, why wouldn’t you go work your brain out with your eyes?’ It keeps me sharp."

Tom Wilson, NHL star player for the Washington Capitals

Interview with Sports Illustrated

3. ‘‘I believe in being the best that you can be. The nice thing about NeuroTracker is that you’re constantly competing with yourself.’’

Erin McLeod, Women’s Soccer Olympic Medalist, Canadian Sports Hall of Fame, Co-founder of The Mindful Project

Testimonial Interview with NeuroTracker

NeuroTracker Experts Corner blog coming soon!

4. ‘‘Everything would be blacked out except for what your eyes were looking at. The times I’ve putted the best were when I was using it.

Matt Fast, PGA Golfer

Interview with the New York Times

5. ‘‘This test is very interesting. You can be good at training, but if you’re head is not following, you won’t succeed.

Mae Berenice Meite, Olympic finalist and 6x French champion figure skater

Olympic Channel feature documentary

6. "That's been probably the thing for me that's been most exciting about this program is that you can actually see the differences and you can feel the differences."

Kaarle McCulloch, Olympic track cyclist

Interview with the Sydney Times

7. “I have spent a lot of hours developing what I can develop and I have seen the benefit, for sure…(NeuroTracker) shows that there is always a time when the mind gets tired and then you have to recover it again.’’

Lukasz Fabianski, West Ham United Premier League goalkeeper

Article by West Ham United

8. ‘‘This has all been made to model sport situations for your brain, and it really is able to stimulate your brain.”

Pavel Francouz, NHL Goalie for Colorado Avalanche

Article by NHL.com

9. ‘‘NeuroTracker has been life changing for me. It really helped me a lot. Everyone should do it.’’

Zac Bourgeois, Professional Rodeo Athlete, US junior national champion

Video interview with NeuroTracker

Experts Corner blog: A Window into the World of Rodeo Performance

10. ‘‘I know NeuroTracker has improved my attention, concentration and mental focus in a way that allows me to get into the zone when I need to.’’

Abhinav Bindra, 10m Air Rifle, India's first Olympic gold medalist

Press release

11. “It’s simply a vital tool for me now. It's helped me see things quicker, process information faster and sustain my attention for longer.’’

Aaron Cook, former world no.1 Taekwondo

Press release

12. ‘‘It’s extremely relevant in my sport because there are 5 to 3 riders, and I have to be aware of what everyone’s doing in order to win the race.’’

Josh Miller, World Snowboard Cross finalist

Psychology Mind Room interview by NSWIS

13. ‘‘It’s perfect to keep your attention on a lot of different things. I use it before a match to warm-up and get in the zone really quickly.’’

Andre, professional eSports athlete

Video interview with NeuroTracker

14. ‘‘I saw my NeuroTracking translate into my performance on the ice in just a few weeks.”

Kristen Campbell, WCHA Ice Hockey Goaltender of the Year

Video interview with NeuroTracker

Experts Corner blog: Getting Into the Mental Game of Sports Performance

15. ‘‘NeuroTracker is such an effective home training solution. It’s been invaluable for my game shape during quarantine.’’

Mike Santaguida, Pro Hockey Goalie and Founder of Goalie Hacks

Experts Corner blog: How to Achieve a State of Flow

16. ‘‘Your brain is really what separates you. Tracking balls as distractions are coming at you…is very similar to the Quarter Back position. It’s all about training your mind to read, react quickly, to get the edge up on the competition.’’

Josh Dobbs, NFL Tennessee Quarter Back

17. ‘‘I recovered my sports vision with NeuroTracker, it doubled my ability to concentrate on any exercise’’

Florian Cazenave, pro French Rugby Union player for Rugby Reggio

18. ‘‘Since I started NeuroTracker, I feel gains in my ability to take in information. I can read game situations earlier and make more effective decisions.’’

Stefan Bajic, Team France and Ligue 1 Goalkeeper for AS St. Etienne

19. ‘‘I work on my concentration with NeuroTracker, it serves to stay focused.’’

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, EPL striker for Arsenal F.C.

20. ‘‘I have greatly developed my neurovisual skills thanks to NeuroTracker training specially designed for me by my neurovision coach.’’

Marion Duvernay, Pro Golfer, European Tour Winner (2016)

21. ‘‘I’ve worked on my visual, cognitive and motor preparation with NeuroTracker and my neurovision coach to optimize my sports performance.’’

Paul Petit, European LeMans Race Driver

Many thanks to all the athletes here and others who have shared their personal experiences and views on NeuroTracker. If you found these insights interesting, then check out our earlier blog with quotes from a fascinating array of experts across a variety of fields of human performance and wellness.

21 Awesome Quotes from 21 NeuroTracker Experts

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