Subclinical ADHD

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Cognitive program to help stay focused, improve attention, and increase executive function

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Research shows major gains in multiple core attentional capacities within just a few hours of training, empowering individuals to learn effectively, regardless of their background.


Efficient visual attention skills are critical for developing reading rate and comprehension. NeuroTracker optimizes these skills, with gains in reading speed and phonological processing.


Decreased attention spans impact academic performance, behavior and motivation. With enhanced cognitive abilities, individuals can discover, and enjoy, strengths in their learning style.

Learning just got a lot more fun.

NeuroTracker is a cognitive training program designed to improve visual attention, working memory, and processing speed. Some of the skills improved by using NeuroTracker include:

Working memory
Processing speed
Academic performance
Executive function
Sustained Focus
Impulse Control

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For Healthcare providers

Here are some ways in which healthcare providers can use NeuroTracker

Cognitive assessment

Healthcare providers can use NeuroTracker as a cognitive assessment tool to evaluate patient visual attention, working memory, and processing speed. This information can help providers to develop appropriate treatment plans and interventions.

Cognitive training

Healthcare providers can also use NeuroTracker as a cognitive training tool to improve patient cognitive function. This can be particularly beneficial for patients who have experienced cognitive impairments, subclinical ADHD, and many neurodivergent populations.

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