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NeuroTracker Personal's Products: Performance, Wellness, Learning

January 12, 2017

NeuroTracker Personal, powered by NeuroTracker, is a cognitive training app that enhances high-level mental abilities. The training is scientifically designed to activate the brain’s capacity to adapt and develop new abilities.

The neuroscience behind NeuroTracker Personal has revealed that this systematic training approach can improve fundamental cognitive skillsets, including attention, executive function, working memory and processing speed.

NeuroTracker Personal's Products

NeuroTracker Personal improves cognitive abilities at a high level, with benefits being seen among athletes, children with learning difficulties and healthy aging individuals. The core training is essentially the same for everyone, however NeuroTracker Personal uniquely adapts the training to each individual’s needs, no matter what their level is. NeuroTracker Personal uses cloud-based software, which enables users to train on any number of devices with an internet connection, while wearing their 3D NeuroTracker Personal glasses.

How NeuroTracker Personal Works

In each program, you are required to track multiple targets (in the shape of balls) that move simultaneously around your screen. NeuroTracker Personal challenges you to track multiple objects moving chaotically across a wide field of view in 3D at different speeds. In each session, the app pushes your attention to its limits, stimulating improvements in brain function.

While the underlying cognitive benefits are similar from one person to another, how these gains in mental abilities benefit each person depends on their needs, whether it’s reading plays on the field, focusing in the classroom, or staying sharp while driving.

Each version of the software moves from the core training approach onto advanced programs, which challenge users to perform progressively difficult tasks while using NeuroTracker Personal. For example, dribbling drills for a basketball player, or performing math problems for a student. These programs extend learning to advanced levels over a 12-month program.

In addition, a clinical-based assessment is integrated into the app. Performance, Wellness and Learning each have a specialized version which measures the effect of training programs into real world improvements. Let’s examine how below:


Neuroscience is revolutionizing the sports world by changing the way athletes train. Scientists have determined what gives pro athletes a critical performance advantage; superior cognitive abilities.

These superior abilities are what help athletes perform under pressure, as they can make faster and more accurate plays. Being able to perform well in the game requires enhanced control, awareness, mental focus and much more!

Assesses factors relating to athletic performance:

  • cognitive
  • visual
  • mental
  • physical


Students with learning challenges often have deficits in attention and visual and auditory processing speed. These deficits impact a student’s ability to focus on information, process and comprehend material, sustain attention to complete mental tasks and more!

Being able to improve core mental capacities is key for improving concentration, problem-solving, comprehension and planning abilities in students.

Assesses factors relating to learning:

  • attention
  • executive function
  • working memory
  • inhibition


As the brain ages, a range of cognitive skills often show decline, yet the mind is still able to adapt to learning. Scientific evidence shows that older people respond to NeuroTracker Personal learning as well as younger people, and that training improves the core cognitive skills which are commonly associated with aging.

The mental skillsets NeuroTracker Personal improves are also fundamental for everyday skills such as crossing a busy road, driving in stressful situations, navigating through large crowds and much more. Being able to focus on what is most important and ignore distractions is key for self-confidence and independence.

Assesses factors relating to healthy aging:

  • quality of life
  • physical activity
  • attention
  • memory
  • anxiety

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