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NeuroTracker Personal: New web-based app to train like a pro athlete!

January 5, 2017

NeuroTracker Personal is powered by NeuroTracker, the technology used by pro teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL and EPL to measure and enhance mental performance at the highest levels. As Mick Clegg, former premier league winning coach of Manchester United F.C. explained: “NeuroTracker is a fundamental tool for harnessing and developing any athlete’s performance potential. That’s why I’ve run over 10,000 NeuroTracker sessions for Manchester United’s best, pro athletes, and world champions in multiple sports.

From NeuroTracker to NeuroTracker Personal

Until now, NeuroTracker’s unique technology has only been available for the pros. With NeuroTracker Personal, all that has changed! NeuroTracker Personal uses the same scientifically validated approach as NeuroTracker, but offers the innovative 3D cognitive training through the web. So now any aspiring athlete has the opportunity to train like the pros do!

It’s clear that superior awareness and decision-making abilities make a huge difference in sports performance at the highest levels. Published sports science research has shown that NeuroTracker scores reveal what truly makes an athlete elite. What is their secret? It all has to do with their brains, which adapt cognitively at much faster rates than the average person. In fact, pro teams use this to identify elite athlete potential.

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Can You Become a Pro?

NeuroTracker Personal improves mental abilities critical to sports performance. Research has shown that just a few hours of using NeuroTracker Personal boosts the mental skillsets important for situational awareness, mental focus and sustained concentration. These skills allow athletes to perform when it matters most – under pressure. Get the competitive edge you need, by making faster and more accurate plays.

NeuroTracker Personal also delivers the opportunity for any athlete to see if they have an adaptive brain geared for developing elite levels of mental performance. The software also provides profiling assessments to compare each athlete’s cognitive levels against global data collected from professional athletes.

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How Does It Work?

NeuroTracker Personal runs on the cloud, so with a pair of 3D glasses athletes can train on any number of devices, anywhere - with their data always up to date. It also uses scientific algorithms that optimize each training program to the user’s needs. You can expect an intense mental workout each session, so you’re always in the zone.

Since NeuroTracker Personal is designed to enhance cognitive functions, it’s also an ideal app for students with learning disorders and individuals with declining mental capacities. NeuroTracker Personal taps into brain areas that relate to attention, situational awareness, executive function and processing speed. As the brain ages, these areas can be negatively affected. In addition, students with learning disorders such as ADD and ADHD, often have deficits in attention and processing speed.

Try a free demo

You can try a free 2D demo here. After clicking start, you will see 8 yellow balls. Two of them will be highlighted white. These are your targets. Track them as they move. Use your peripheral vision and maintain focus on the green dot in the center of the screen. Try to reach higher speeds by getting the correct targets each time – good luck!

Train with NeuroTracker Personal today to take your cognitive performance to the next level! Are you ready to get in the game?

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