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Heroes and Zeroes - March 28

March 29, 2016

Hello, this is a weekly feature on It highlights recent plays from across professional and amateur leagues in the world. Each week, we will present one “Hero” that shows superior awareness and tracking skills that enable them to perform a great play. We will also present one “Zero” who may well have done better if they did more NeuroTracker training. NeuroTracker is used by amateurs and professionals to improve their focus and attention. It can also help with a wide array of cognitive functions.

Hero - Andrea Pirlo

If you follow soccer, then you know that Andrea Pirlo is the bearded man from heaven. If there are soccer gods, chances are Andrea Pirlo is their leader. Anyway, let’s briefly discuss anticipation. Anticipation is the ability to predict what will happen, where things will go. When it comes to penalty kicks, the goalkeeper has to guess which direction to dive, based on visual cues including the kicker’s body language, and then react within a very short timeframe (<0.3 seconds, if you’re wondering - check out our blog later this week on soccer penalty shot anticipation). Andrea Pirlo is one of the best in the world in anticipation - he has already passed through all these steps while you're still thinking about it, he already knows where the ball is heading. This week we debated for quite some time whether to put the goalkeeper as the zero in this situation. After all, who in their right mind wouldn’t listen to Andrea Pirlo? Watch how we signals to the goaltender where to go. When Pirlo tells you to jump to the left, you jump to the left. Eventually, we decided that the guilt the goalkeeper will live with for not listening to Andrea Pirlo will be sufficient punishment. We salute you, Andrea Pirlo.

Zero - Streaking Fan

We never condone running on the field during a game. For one thing, the streaking fan puts himself and others in danger. Any given fan could be harmless, but another might not be, the security staff cannot know in advance, so they have to take every case of streaking seriously. It’s not a smart thing to do. However, we will admit that it can sometimes be entertaining. As we said, we strongly condemn a fan running on the field, but when they do, we at least would hope that they pay attention to their surroundings. This fan didn’t. Usually a fan who does this will get arrested, but in this situation, the tackle itself was probably enough punishment for what he did - ouch! Unfortunately, as Canadians, we were also sad to see that Team Canada eventually lost a crucial World Cup qualifier to Mexico.

What was the worst play you have seen recently? Did we miss one we should see? Let us know below in the comments.

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