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Heroes and Zeroes - March 21

March 22, 2016

Hello, this is a weekly feature on It highlights recent plays from across professional and amateur leagues in the world. Each week, we will present one “Hero” that shows superior awareness and tracking skills that enable them to perform a great play. We will also present one “Zero” who may well have done better if they did more NeuroTracker training. NeuroTracker is used by amateurs and professionals to improve their focus and attention. It can also help with a wide array of cognitive functions.

Hero - Bronson Koeing

As March Madness continues to march on (pun intended), the #7 seeded Wisconsin Badgers delivered a bracket-busting upset defeat to #2 Xavier. Bronson Koeing hand delivers the win  with a hopeful buzzer beater. It's similar plays to this and the fact that March Madness never fails to deliver them year after year which makes March Madness have as big of a devout following as it does.

Zero - Jason Cummings

Consider everything good about the Koeing play; he performed under immense pressure, had a small blocked target to hit, needed to react very quickly or miss everything. Now reverse every single one of those points and the result you get is the Jason Cummings play. To make matters much worse, Hibernian, Cummings' team, ended up losing the game 2-1.

What was the worst play you have seen recently? Did we miss one we should see? Let us know below in the comments.

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