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Heroes and Zeroes - January 18

January 18, 2016

Hello, this is a weekly feature on It highlights recent plays from across professional and amateur leagues in the world. Each week, we will present one “Hero” that shows superior awareness and tracking skills that enable them to perform a great play. We will also present one “Zero” who may well have done better if they did more NeuroTracker training. NeuroTracker is used by amateurs and professionals to improve their focus and attention. It can also help with a wide array of cognitive functions.

Hero - Aaron Rodgers

One of the most amazing sequences in NFL history. The Packers were trailing and had to make two very-risky hail mary plays to tie the game. The amount of composure and performance under pressure that Aaron Rodgers shows is truly extraordinary!

Zero - Nathan Beaulieu

We really, really like Nathan Beaulieu. So it was a shock to see the terrible decision he made on this play. When the NHL scoring leader is coming your way, and another player is heading to the corner in which his chance of scoring is close to 0%, what do you do? Going to the other guy is definitely not the right choice. Artemi Panarin is a very solid NHL player on his own, but come on Nathan, you can't just keep Patrick Kane all by himself like that.

Any other highlights caught your eye that represent a great awareness play? Anyone you think needs some extra NeuroTracker training?

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