The Neurotracker Team

Heroes and Zeroes - April 25

April 26, 2016

Hello, this is a weekly feature on It highlights recent plays from across professional and amateur leagues in the world. Each week, we will present one “Hero” that shows superior awareness and tracking skills that enable them to perform a great play. We will also present one “Zero” who may well have done better if they did more NeuroTracker training. NeuroTracker is used by amateurs and professionals to improve their focus and attention. It can also help with a wide array of cognitive functions.

Heros: Atletico Madrid

We just had to give them this week's award. That is one tough drill to do and needs superior coordination. It's next-level dual-tasking.

Zero: Ball Boy

Tough luck for the ball boy here. He just slips at an unfortunate moment. Watching the clip again though, he might just deserve a hero award for how quickly he stood up as if nothing happened. Nothing to see here, folks.

What was the worst play you have seen recently? Did we miss one we should see?

Let us know below in the comments.

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