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3 Things We Love About CoSchedule

February 4, 2020

As you can see from our blog the NeuroTracker team publishes hundreds of articles, and we also feature daily social media on what’s happening with our clients around the world. When you take into account the number of established social media platforms, this all adds up to a lot of content management. This is why the NeuroTracker Team has tried several social media management platforms and found one that stood out. We only rarely cover products in our blogs, but we liked CoSchedule so much we decided to write a review on it!

What is it, and How Does it Work?

Social media management is a bit like using a multi-socket power adaptor. Instead of using lots of different sockets for different gadgets, everything gets plugged into one thing. For example, you might have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and your blog publishing, all run directly from one tool. With this approach you can create a post and share it across all platforms, as well as see all your analytics combined under one hood. This is accessed from a web browser on pretty much any device.

This approach is not new, but CoSchedule does this in a very slick way…and a whole lot more. Here we’ll take a quick look at the top 3 things CoSchedule does, that we simply can’t live without!

Powerful Calendar

It’s sounds simple, but a nice-looking calendar goes a long way. Not only does it let you efficiently plan and organize your upcoming content in a flexible way, but it also makes it easy to view everything that’s been happening in your media world. CoSchedule’s clean and easy to use interface makes its calendar all the more appealing.

Scheduling posts with CoSchedule is a cinch. Just click ‘add a post’ on any particular day and you have the option to create any type of post right off the bat, select any relevant social media platforms and prime for auto-publishing.

While there’s the obvious advantage of scheduling posts to auto-post, a great feature is you can drag and drop any future posts to any day you like. This is great when you either want to fill a gap in content production, or to push content back when something more newsworthy is happening. What’s more you can tag, color theme, and filter posts to quickly view just what you want to see, as well as share a public live version of your calendar with anyone you like.

Lastly, you can add a CoSchedule plug-in that allows you to generate posts right off a web page. Found an interesting story? Simply select any of the relevant text, click the plugin button, and hey presto, your content is ready to post with a message, and is now in your calendar. Very cool!

Intelligently Timed Posts

The time of day you post content has a direct bearing on the amount of people that will see it. To avoid the headache of trying to choose optimal times to publish each piece of content on a busy day, CoSchedule has the option of you letting clever software do it for you. Leveraging their expertise and some intelligent algorithms, this feature takes into account myriads of factors for optimizing the timing of all your posts for any given day.

As soon as you use this tool, just a quick glance your calendar will show when each post is scheduled. Want to tweak it? No problem - you can then edit the schedule in seconds. This a great feature you could easily miss, but it saves time and boosts the impact of all your hard work on content production.

Deep Analytics

Individual social media platforms can do a lot of things on their own, but analytics is not their strong point. Firstly, they all use different analytics which makes comprehending stats across platforms somewhat confusing. Secondly, they’re usually basic, and missing tools you need like specifying an exact date range. Thirdly, and most obvious, you have to log into each one separately to see the metrics, which means it’s very difficult to compare say LinkedIn performance to Twitter, even for the same content.

CoSchedule pulls and integrates all your analytics into one analytics suite. You can still view dedicated analytics on each individual platform within CoSchedule, but now you can also see how all platforms are doing on one page.

This is a huge time saver and makes a big difference in spotting trending or outlier content at a moment’s notice. With CoSchedule you can keep your finger on the pulse of your social media on a daily basis, rather weekly or monthly. And finally, CoSchedule includes certain useful analytics you actually can’t get access to in each of your social platforms.


We’ve covered 3 things we really like about CoSchedule, but there is a lot more to discover. In fact, the ability to integrate a whole plethora of tools like WordPress, Google Suite and Zoho, means you can transform the software into a fully-fledged project and media management marketing tool. Also, from what we’ve seen, it’s always evolving, with new highly requested features being tweaked and added on a regular basis.

Compared to other similar tools on the market, CoSchedule differs in that it’s not going to break the bank of a small company. On the other hand, it brings oodles of ‘must have’ features you don’t get with cheaper alternatives. So what’s the damage? Well the ‘Growth’ package is probably the most popular sign-up, and that currently costs $150 per month with an annual subscription. It’s not cheap, but that said there’s a lot of bang for buck when you take into account everything being offered.

This is still going to be too much for the likes of solo bloggers and early stage start-ups, which is why they also offer pared-down plans for individual users, starting from $20 per month (on offer until March).

The final takeaway? If you have a lot of social media content on the go, and some bucks to invest, then CoSchedule is a cutting-edge tool that will save you time and effort on a daily basis, as well as make it easier to generate more marketing impact.

If you want to find out more, check out the product website and video overview below. Or if you just want to jump right in, then try the free two week trial, without needing to give your credit card details. Finally, if you want to subscribe to Coschedule as a NeuroTracker referral, then just follow this link.

Social Media Management in CoSchedule

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